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"The Three Mafia Kings"

(Mafia Series #1)

Written by: xaikology



This story was based on author's imagination. Characters, plot, settings, and everything written in this story is a work of fiction. So, if any were reassembled like the names used, places used, and even events used are not based on what you might see on television, heard on radio station, or whatsoever. And if that's so, it has been just a damn coincident.

To steal is a crime. Do not distribute, publish, transmit, impart, or claim this as your own.

There might be some typos, wrong spellings, or even wrong grammars, due to some matters regarding the author's life. It may be she's tired, sick, or in hurry not to read back what she wrote. Consideration is a must. The author of this story is a PERSON, DEFINITELY NOT A PERFECT ONE!

This story contains harsh scenes and uses unappropriate words, in order to make the idea of the story flow. Read at your own menus! Thank you! :)



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