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Malfoy hurtles past, forehead gleaming with sweat. Seconds later, Harry and I are following him. As we pass the birdcage... we stop for a moment. It's now empty.

Malfoy lurches to the mirror, steadies himself against the sink. Then, with a great, heaving shudder begins to cry.

The bathroom door eases open, as Harry stops, stunned by what he's seeing. Malfoy eyes shift to my brother and then to me. When his gaze meets mine, I mouth an "I'm sorry."

Draco is horrified to be exposed to my brother. He wheels and points his wand. With in seconds, the lamp next to Harry's head shatters. Flames spider up the ceiling.

Harry draws his own wand, firing back. The cistern behind Malfoy exploded and water sweeps the ceiling, raining down. Malfoy howls with rage. Harry readies himself.

"Boys! Stop!" I try to persuade them. They both glance to me, falter for a brief second, but then continue.

"Cruci-" Malfoy is cut off by Harry.


Blood spurts from Malfoy face and scarlet slashed ooze through the white of his shirt. He staggers, howls again, and collapses. Harry glares at his wand in horror, then slushed across the floor. The water becomes red with Dracos blood. I rush forward as well after I snap myself out of shock.

"Don't touch new! Don't you dare touch me!" Malfoy coughs out at Harry. Harry had tried to kneel down next to him, but was pushed away. I then take a stance on my knees by Dracos side, only he doesn't tell me to leave. This confused Harry.

"Shhh. It's okay. Shhh." I say and take out my wand. "Vulnera Sanentur." I repeat as I trace my wand over each gash on Dracos body.

Just then, Snape bursts through the door. Seeing Malfoy, he eyes Harry curiously. Then kneels next to me and starts saying the same incantation as I am.

Once each wound is tended to, I turn around, trying to find Harry. But he has already left. I look to Snape. "He needs to be taken to the hospital wing."

"Yes, yes he does." He scoops the boy into his arms and we begin to walk. "Thank you, Mia."

I nod.

"Now, what happened?"

"They were dueling, I tried to stop them, and then..." I trail off.

"Your brother cursed him?" He raises a brow at me.

I nod again.

"That was very advanced healing, Miss Potter. Perhaps you should think of becoming a Healer for your profession."

I nod. "Do you have things from here?" I ask. He nods. And I take off towards the Gryffindor Common Room. When I arrive, I see Harry sitting numbly, the Potions textbook lying limp in his hand. Hermione, Ron and Ginny sit together, a bit apart, keeping a kind of vigil. I walk up to him, with a bit of anger laced in my voice.

"You have to get rid of it. Today." Harry nods and aging gets up from her seat. She extends her hand to Harry and they walk out of the room.

A while later, Harry comes back, looking a tad dazed, walks aimlessly.

"So. Did you and Ginny do it?" Harry jumps, watches Ron appear.

"What?" His eyes are wide.

"You know. Hide the book."

"Oh. Yeah."

Hermione and I glance at each other, realizing something must have happened between Ginny and Harry while they were gone.

"That's one problem out of the way. Now we're left with one more." Hermione states.

"Still no luck with Slughorn, I take it?" Ron asks. We shake our heads. Then I stop cold, staring into the distance. Luck.

"Say that again." I say and look to Harry. His eyes go wide, understanding what I'm thinking.

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