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Dumbledore leads Harry and I back towards the Village Square.

"Sir, exactly what was that all?" Harry asks.

"Harry, we're talented, famous, powerful." I begin to explain. "Everything that man values."

"Right you are, Mia. Professor Slughorn is going to try to collect you both. You'd be his crowning jewels. That is why he's returning to Hogwarts. And it is crucial he return..." Dumbledore trails off.

Harry looks intrigued by this last statement, but before he can pursue it, Dumbledore glances ruefully at the moon.

"I fear I may have stolen a wondrous night from you, Harry. She was, truthfully, very pretty. The girl."

"It's alright, sir. I'll go back tomorrow, make some excuse..." Harry stops. Dumbledore is shaking his head.

"We're not going back to Little Whinging tonight, are we?" I ask. Dumbledore nods.

"But, sir. What about Hedwig? And Pepper? And there's our trunks-" Harry begins to drill him with questions.

"All are waiting for you." Dumbledore extends his arm. Mystified, my brother and I reach out. As our fingers tough the silk of his robe, we apparate. Stumbling to one knee, I wince.

"Sir?" Harry asks, helping me up. But Dumbledore is gone. We glance about, trying to figure out where we are. "Where are we?"

Fields of tall grass surround us. The moon shines bright in the sky above, lighting the top of the field. Then off in the distance a crooked house shimmers. I realize exactly where we are.

"Of course were at the burrow." Harry states, feeling stupid for wondering where we were.

"Come on, let's get inside." I tell him and we slowly make our way towards the house.

We enter the Weasley home and it's obvious none of them knew we were coming. Instead of a normal welcome, everyone was upstairs and we heard Ginny at the end of the staircase hollering at her family, wondering where we were. She then glances over at us.

"Harry! Mia!"

As the others rocket downstairs, Ginny gives Harry a great grinning hug. There is something oddly charged in the moment, a surprise to both of them. The others arrive. More hugs.

"But why didn't you tell us you were coming?" Mrs. Weasley asks me.

"Didn't know." I shrug. "Dumbledore."

"That man. But then, what would we do without him?"

Harry and I then take our things upstairs. I drop my stuff off in Ginnys room, along with Hermione things, and head to Ron's room.

"Ron!" Ron is about to touch Hermione. She retracts her neck.

"You've a bit of..." He gestures to the stray lace of toothpaste on Hermione's chin. Quickly she wipes it off, gives him an odd look.

The Daily Prophet tumbles within a makeshift campfire of blue flames, but magically doesn't disintegrate. Harry teases the fire with the tip of his wand, where The Chosen Ones? mingles with Draco's haunted face in the flames.

"When'd you get here?" I ask Hermione.

"A few days ago. Though... for a bit, I wasn't sure I was coming." Harry looks up, sees her glance at Ron.

"Mum sort of lost it last week. Said Ginny and I had no business going back to Hogwarts. That it's too dangerous." Ron tells us. Harry and I glance at each other then scoff.

"Oh come on..."

"She's not alone. Even my parents, and they're Muggles, know something bad is happening." Hermione tells my brother and I.

"Anyway, Dad stepped in, told her she was being barmy. Took a day or two, but she came round." Ron smiles, letting out a sigh of relief.

"But we're talking about Hogwarts." I tell them. "Dumbledore. What could be safer?" Hermione and Ron exchange another glance.

"There's been a lot of chatter lately. That he's gotten... old." My best friend states.

"Rubbish. He's only, what?" Harry asks.

"A hundred and fifty. Give or take a few years." I mutter.

Silence. Nods. Then the four of us break out laughing. Growing quiet again, Harry takes another poke at the Prophet. Draco's haunted face appears briefly, then is gone.

"We should probably head to bed." Hermione tells me, standing up and reaching down for my hand. I grab it as she helps me to a standing position and nod.

"Goodnight, boys." I wave.

"We'll talk more tomorrow, yeah?" Harry asks Hermione and I. We both nod in unison.

"Of course. Sweet dreams." Hermione says and guided me to Ginnys room.

When we enter, Ginny is sitting on her bed, awaiting our arrival.

"Good Merlin, it took you two long enough." She huffs out and then pats places next to her on her bed. "Tell me everything."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asks.

"I want to know what Mia has been up to this summer. And most importantly," she judges my shoulder. "Who she's been talking to."

"Yes, please do tell." Hermione says and I watch as the two girls gaze at me.

"There's nothing to tell." I say to them. "I haven't spoken to Fred since...." I trail off. I barely remembered my last interaction with him. It seemed like a lifetime ago. We left on good terms, and it was quite fun to watch him terrorize Umbridge before he left. But then the whole Sirius thing happened.

Harry and I's only family we had left was murdered right before our eyes. We dealt with it our own ways, and didn't talk much of it. I try to keep his memory alive in my mind and remember everything he taught me. But it gets hard. I find myself forgetting the sound of his voice at times.

"Well you'll get your chance tomorrow." Ginny tells me.

"What?" I question with wide eyes.

"We're all going to Diagon Alley to see Fred and George's new shop, Weasleys Wizard Wheezes." Hermione informs me.

"Oh..." I lay my head on the pillow as my mind goes deep into thought.

What if his feelings had changed? What if he's changed? I haven't seen Fred Weasley in a couple of months. Could he still be the same person I grew to care for, or is he someone entirely different?

I guess all my questions will be answered tomorrow.

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