Chapter 25-Mr. and Mr. Slater

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Chapter 25

Mr. and Mr. Slater

Wynters’ POV

I close my eyes as the sun glares into my face with a vengeance. I don’t know why because I've never done anything to him. Bastard. With a groan I roll over and pout when I see Carver’s empty side of the bed.  Of course he's not here because he got dragged out of here, literally, yesterday afternoon by his parents and uncles.

“Winnie, are you up?” Cortez asks softly and I turn to face the door.

“Yeah, come on in.” I call out and he walks in with Callum.

“Are you excited? You’re becoming a Slater.” Callum smirks while jumping on the bed.

“Of course I'm excited I'm marrying the love of my life today!” I squeal as they chuckle before Cortez pulls the comforter away quickly, making me whine as the cold air assaults my body.

“Okay then, get up we have a lot to do today!” He says and I roll my eyes.

“Like what? All I have to do is shower and get dressed. I'm not a girl you know.” I huff as they pull me out of bed.

“You have to eat, shower, get a haircut and then get dressed. Carver already ordered us to make sure you eat. So let’s go because we won’t have enough time.” Callum says while gently pushing me onto the stool.

“Have you talked to Carver today? Is he up?” I ask while they quickly get to work making breakfast, I would volunteer to make it but I'm too tired.

“No but he should be up. He’s helping set up the reception area.” Callum says while handing me a glass of orange juice.

>Carver, are you busy? < I ask while sipping my juice.

>I'm never too busy for you Pidge! How are you feeling this morning? Did they guys make sure you ate? Did you throw up? Do you feel okay? Should I come over? < He rambles as his panic increases by the second.

>I'm fine Carver. I just wanted to say good morning. < I chuckle and he sighs loudly.

>Oh, you scared me well not you since you didn’t do anything. Anyway, good morning baby. < He chuckles and I shake my head.

>What are you doing? < I ask and smile at Cortez when he hands me a plate of eggs and bacon.

>Setting up the chairs and crap. < He whines making me giggle.

>Shouldn’t you be getting ready? < I ask while eating quickly.

>I'm not a girl baby. All I need is a shower, haircut and to get dressed. I already ate before you ask. < He chuckles and I roll my eyes.

>That’s what I told your brothers this morning. < I sigh and they both look at me with wide eyes. I raise a brow but they literally sprint away. Weirdos.

>Have you finished breakfast? < He asks and I look down.

>Yes I did. < I nod to myself.

>Then go get ready, we only have an hour and a half till the wedding starts. < He chuckles when I screech.

>Okay bye LOVE YOU! < I say while making my way down the hall.

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