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'...You are the silence in between, what I thought and what I said...'

Chapter Forty Eight- No Light In Your Bright Blue Eyes

"Mummy I like that one!" Lily pointed out to a pink floral print sun dress that was high on the wall as we were walking to the checkout counter.

Two weeks passed quickly. After the noticeable depression faded into the background, happiness flooded into my life. Lily, my little girl, was everything I consisted of, which is how it should have been from the beginning, but with this new arrangement came time spent with Tom.

He was fighting, and he was fighting hard. It seemed that every single thing that he could think of to make us spend time together, happened. He would come and fix all of the small details of the house that he had neglected for years. He constantly invited me to go with him and Lily almost every time he had her, and I knew he had Lily on his side. That was very strategic of him, because it is impossible to resist her puppy pout that she inherited from her father.

Tom's fight was a waste of time though. You can't win a fight when the other side is not participating. It's like punching a brick wall; it won't fight back, it won't give in, and you will be left more damaged than before.

I don't know why he suddenly got the urge to begin to fight. It didn't make much sense to me, and the harder he tried the more guilty I felt. I wasn't leading him on, or at least I wasn't trying to. If he thought that there was some hope left in us, than he will be sadly disappointed. I wasn't going to give in. I knew what I wanted, and he didn't fit the picture anymore. It was as if he was trying to fit into his silhouette from six years ago, but he wasn't the same person, the sooner he figured that out, the easier it will be on the both of us to put to rest.

Relatively speaking though, I liked the time we spent together as a family. In a few years, after some distance, I think that Tom and I would make great friends. Right now though, I just need some time away from him.

Which, you would think, wouldn't be that hard since he should be filming. I didn't get involved in his work. His work and I had never been friends and the more distance we spent away from each other the better the world would be. I just concluded that the small project that he was working on finally wrapped up and he had some time before his big break, I had never given it enough attention to remember the name of the film, began.

This break was a big convenience though, time wise. Our last and final was tomorrow. It shouldn't take long, just a few last minute details before they send us the paper work. Once Tom and I sign the paper work, that will be delivered and returned to the attorney's, the divorce will be complete.

Good thing I was in heels today. I sighed only briefly as I reached up to grab the dress. I looked at the tag to make sure that it was her size before throwing it over my arm and holding my hand out for her to take.

She grabbed it instantly and smiled up at me, "Thank you Mummy."

I smiled down to her as we began our short walk once more. Lily held her other hand, the one that was not holding mine, and ran her fingers over the aisle of clothes that we passed, humming softly to herself.

All was going fine, Lily and I hadn't gone out shopping for anything, except the necessities, in a long time and I could tell that she was enjoying our outing, when we turned down a row prepared to head for the cashier and was blinded by cameras being snapped in our face.

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