Chapter 1

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Ravens POV:
As I pulled the covers off of my sleeping body I could just hear my head throbbing. I had been up all night watching youtube and I guess that isn't the best thing to do. But then again it is summer. I put on my royal blue tank top and my jean shorts, quickly brushed my hair, then walked downstairs to the wonderful smell of mom's homemade waffles. Connor, my 20 year old brother that still hasn't moved out, was buttering his waffles while trying to pour me some orange juice. And of course he spilt it all over the table. After cleaning up Connor's epic fail I went into the living room. Dad was sitting in his chair near the fireplace reading the newspaper like he did everyday. I plopped myself down onto the couch next to his chair and turned on the TV. I channel surfed for awhile until I heard my nightmare coming down the stairs, it was Perry, my annoying 6 year old sister. Perry had her hair in a messy ponytail and her pajamas wrinkled and dirty. She climbed up onto the kitchen chair and poured a mountain load of syrup on her waffles. It looked love the Delaware river because of all the syrup. Mom didn't really care, Connor was to busy trying to make his hair perfect, and dad didn't even look up from his newspaper. I swear sometimes I feel like the outside world doesn't even care about me or even anyone. To my surprise the door bell rang. So obviously I had to go get it. When I opened the door all I saw was a basket on the welcome mat. I picked up the basket and put I on the table. In the basket were a bunch of flowers but stuck in the side was a note. It read "Hello. I wanted to give my new neighbors a little gift just to show you how we are. We just moved into this town and are trying to make some friends, so if you ever want to pop by we would be more than happy." So like a good person I put on some shoes and walked over to there house to greet them. Boxes were piled high on there porch they said whenever I want to pop by I could. I knocked. No one came. I knocked again. Then the door slowly opened. It was a boy. A boy with beautiful blonde hair, brown eyes, perfect cheek bones, skinny jeans and a T-shirt that said "The Beatles". He was so cute When I looked back at his eyes he was looking right at me with a little smile.
"My name is Raven. I live next door." I stated as I put out my hand for a proper hand shake greeting.
"Thomas. My name is Thomas. Glad to see you all dressed up." He made a smirk, I know I looked like a bum and he was joking. But yet it made me blush.
We shook hands but he didn't let go of my hand, he held it for like 5 seconds then let go. Oh my lord, he is just so handsome! I can't stand it.
"How old are you, Thomas?"
"I'm 17, and you?"
"Same", I answered.
"You're beautiful", he said out of nowhere
"We just met, don't be pulling the cards yet." We both smiled and he had a little giggle.
It was silent for a while as we stared at each others eyes.
"You are truly beautiful, sorry to lay out the cards early but I really do think you are attractive." He made me blush and i hadn't even know him or 10 minutes yet.
Then he asked,"I'm sorry, I know we just met but may I have a little hug?"
I gave a nod and I walked a step closer toward him. He put his arms right around my shoulders and I put mine around his chest. It was perfect.

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