DIO : Cucked, Part 1

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This is long overdue, contains spoilers for part 3, it's half 3 in the morning so there could be mistakes, I need to go to bed.

I enjoyed writing this scenario though, even if he wouldn't have allowed it. 😂

Long, boarded up windows let not a speck of sunlight in, the stone tiles lining the remnants of what was originally a bathing pool for the sex workers of Old Cairo, shrouded in a dark blanket of candlelit shadows. These days, it served as a playpen for the various 'pets' he had you splice together over the years, since the power had been left with his old body, merely for his entertainment and nothing else.
You lounged across a plush sofa at the edge of it, admiring your talons and listening to the irritating din of DIO's servants. Clothed in a sanguine silk, your whalebone corset pushed your breasts up so much, they looked flatter than they were. Opting for sleeves today, they were lined with a black lace, which matched the lace of your stockings sheerly covering your marblesque legs. Your clothes had been discarded long ago, heavy set skirts too much for the Egyptian heat, and with the Joestar party drawing nearer every second, you'd found it was far more practical to bustle up a skirt or two, creating enough fabric to hide your intimate parts and bridge the gap with knee high boots.
This fashion choice pleased your lover, his interest madly peaking everytime he saw that silken, pearlescent skin peeking from your corset or bustle. Not that you wanted to show him anymore anyway.

The man was dealing with the Joestar group through one of his petulant servants, just another failure since nobody was worthy enough to appease him. Midler's excuses for her inability to kill even one of the group were becoming tiring, her voice grating as she droned on and on, stopping and stammering. Lifting yourself to your feet, it attracted the attention of the blonde emperor, your clacking footsteps stalling the manipulating mistresses talk.

His subjects had heard all about you.

Apparently, the lead Joestar had killed your ex-lover a long time ago and you possessed his stone, worn around your neck, which is why you were so angry. The man he killed was said to be the creator of the mask that turned you into the creature you were, despite you refusing to show feeling.

But, the main issue was, you hated women. DIO and yourself had courted in your mortal days, love was such a human emotion. Well, you had thought that before, since when he decided to test the mask on you, love vanished and your hatred for DIO soon peaked when he emerged from the Joestar Mansion, merely speared and charred, but that wasn't all. He had taken so much away from you.
Unlike him, you were a whole vampire. Vampire women couldn't breed, due to agelessness and lack of working organs. You had given up that privilege when you agreed to his stupid Stone Mask request. Being unable to bear children had been devastating to you as a Victorian woman.

Sinking to the bottom of the ocean was his grandest fall from grace. During DIO's brief entrapment with the fishes, you had encountered a being similar to yourself, Kars. Made of stone and ambitious in his desires, you learnt of a time when only Pillarmen walked the Earth.
This man had not only created the stone masks, of which there were many, but in turn, vampires. You.
He knew what he wanted and would do anything to get it, no matter how depraved or dangerous. Despite being a woman unsuited to human beliefs or needs, you found yourself falling in love with this man. He was different to DIO, exhibiting not only power, but a willingness to get things done in a straight line for a purpose, not just for enjoyment. Whilst he had slaughtered his own family and race, much like DIO had pushed away and taken the lives of those around him, it was a kind of control you felt secure in. He was clever, beautiful and deadly.
Kars seemed to reciprocate in a fashion, when he realised you weren't some run of the mill vampire and in fact stronger than his useless pawns of the night. It was also down to the fact you had agreed to conquer the sun, especially after he was catapulted off the planet.
You weren't sure if he was even alive, but you had pledged to keep the stone after you found it. The Red Stone of Aja granted you a true chance to embrace vampirism, despite being pretty damaged.

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