the first chapter of our encounter

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Here we were two strangers who had  been travelling  but talking for months now both two busy to meet at some point , both hiding secrets in the dark, but there was one thing we both couldn't hide the clear pure and raw sexual attraction and that which  I  felt towards this man was undeniable.
We came to the conclusion that all things works out at the best started when  I came to my city for the holidays , and it was here I kissed  him on the lips the first time I saw him and tasted my favorite thing  marijuana .there was a spark but he spun away for longer months .
And so when I came for the third time to my city
I think we both knew deep down we were ready , we went to his studio apartment and I stood there in my tight denim pants and top and he stood in  his cotton pants and t shirt. I loved his nonchalant approach to fashion it sort of suited mine . I took of my jeans and I was left wearing my pink cotton panties and a top. He took of his shirt and pants and even in the dark I still appreciated his body.
We drank some whisky (mostly me) and smoked a perfect strain and just lay on his bed in the dark not saying anything, we'd  been talking for months and now we were finally together our auras and bodies did every thing for  us .
With his playlist on and the smoke in the air , he finally placed that much anticipated kiss on my lips , his ebony  skin pressed a kiss against me ,his full lips crashing against mine  , it was just like I remembered in the rain that day , I trembled and felt the goosebumps down my arms .
I responded matching his passion with  all reverence and feverance I couldn't have enough.
He slowly took off my top ,and kissed my neck,from behind my lobe to my collarbone .I grabbed his slim waist and pulled his body even closer , he put his lips back on mine and kissed me even deeper .our tongues creating a rhythm and him nibbling my lips slowly just before dipping his tongue back in .I was right about him yes his lips were made for kissing and I think I was getting obsessed with it , tasting the faint whiskey and  the feel of his hands sliding down to the curve of my hips pulling my knees up on both sides most ladies wore lingerie for dates I always came in the nude except for the a pair  of cotton panties to be modest i suppose .
I lay  between his shirtless torso  and the bed ,feeling a little vulnerable but still horny as fuck .His mouth  had left mine now ,he was working his way down my collarbone to my breasts , his left  palm gripping  my things while those full lips sucked on my nipples, he slowly  nibbled then rolled his tongue  around my rock hard nipples, already perky from total excitement, I felt him slide his fingers through my thighs down to the lips between those thighs .I was not only dripping but I was getting twitchy down there , he stopped sucking my breasts and propelled himself up with one arm looking at me dead in the eyes . I didn't want to open that window to his soul but I did and all I saw in  his eyes was intense and burning desire , that was mirrored in mine , he slipped his index finger inbetween my pussy  lips taking it in slowly and then out , increasing the pace while his thumb stimulated my clit , we had been talking about all we'd do to ourselves for months so it was not  strange  he knew how to work my body but there was this finesse to it ,like we had done it before .
He never stopped looking at me with that admiration and desire in his eyes ,it  was driving me wild and I began to move my hips in rhythm to his fingers , my orgasm had began building and little did I know he had barely begun with me.
He spread my thighs apart and the minute his lips touched my clit  the warmth began spreading down my body and he sucked on me .
I grabbed his shoulders cause I didn't know what else to do with my hands , he sucked and licked till I was close to my explosive point,I grabbed my nipples and grinded my hips on his face , I felt his lips devouring my lips of my clit while fingering me and just when I was about to cum he cut me short,then  pulls out the long awaited  dick and I meant that in size and the time it took for  this to happen. When he slid it through, my pussy walls protesting at the start began loosening up as he pushed deep, the wet warm insides ,wrapped around his shaft as he plunged in even deeper my back arched as he lifted my hips to meet his and then he starts thrusting,slowly and then increasing the pace my hip grinding as he dug his way  into me. we were finally at that point where we couldn't go slow anymore , finally ready to unleash the beast of desire residing between us and he pushed my legs up his shoulders  clamping them in the air and he pushed his enormous cock in and out of me ,I could feel every stroke, every thrust every inch , my pussy walls were quivering and his lips were everywhere , I had been so used to pleasing my lovers that I missed out on having someone truly and passionately kiss me,I was exploding and apparently so was he,he kept on thrusting pushing my knees closer to my neck,my  pussy tightening around his cock ,the faster he thrust my orgasm built and my vaginal walls tightened around his shaft and in one sweet beautiful moment I felt the warmth of his cum, on my thighs dripping down my pussy lips as i squirted all over hi.. We lay there silently and my knees shaking unable to find ease trying our best to catch our breath

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