Part 35

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Ani. Shivaayyyyy she widen her eyes when she saw lorry coming towards him. 

Ani. Shivaay she come out from the car and run towards him. Lorry about to hit him when Anika pulled him towards her and fell down on the road along with him.

Ani. Shivaay she started crying to while checking him.

Ani. Shivaay are you ok.  Did you got any hurt.  Show me she said checking his arms head.

Shiv. Relax relax I'm alright. He said cupping her face.

Anika shake her head in no and hugged him tightly

Shi.  Baby I'm fine. Stop crying

Ani. You are not fine Shiv.  If something had happened to you then what would I had do.  She weeped while saying all this.  Suddenly shivaay felt wetness on his shoulder and got shocked to seeing her elbow which is bleeding profusely.

Shiv.  Anika your elbow is bleeding.

Ani. It's ok. It's fine.  She hiccups.

Shiv. It's not fine.  Look it's bleeding.

Mainwhile kids came and hugged shivaay

Sha.  Are you ok daddy.  We had been gotten frightened.

Shiv. I'm ok. But your mumma is not ok.  

Ani.  Don't worry shivaay I'm fine

Shiv.  Stop being super woman mad lady.  Let's go to the doctor.

Ani. I wanna go home instead of hospital

Shiv.  Are you mad or what. You need urgent treatment.

Ani. I'm ok she made grumpy face and set in the car turning her face.

Shiv. Now what happened to her. Let's go kids. He held their hands and made them sit in car

Shiv. What happened Anika

Ani. Nothing. 

Shivaay shake his head and drove away fastly from there.

Shiv. Aram sa he said holding Anika who is walking with him.

D. Oh god what happened Anika.  He got panic to seeing her arm

Ani.  I'm fine don't worry. She made a stern face and left from there.

d. What happened to her

Shiv. Will tell you later. Saying this he went behind Anika glaring him.

D. How come he got safe and how can my Anika got hurt.  He immediately Fetch out his phone and called his man

D. I had asked you to kill him. But instead of him my love got hurt.  How could you do this.

Man. Sorry sir he was almost dead but  a girl saved him pulling him away.

D. You know what go to hell.

In shivika room

Anika is crying sitting on the bed when shivaay set near her holding first aid box.

Shiv. Show me. He held her arms and about to tend it when Anika snatched her arm

Shiv. Anika what happened to you. Why are you beaming stubborn

Anika.  I don't wanna talk to you.

Shiv. Don't talk to me but Atleast let me tend your wound. He pulled her in his lap and do her bandage.

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