Forgetting Arlo (3)

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Lily's POV

The party is chaotic.

I used to love partying. Joe would take me to parties all of the time. He said they were the place to be on a Friday night. I was so in love with him back then that I couldn't refuse. I went every week with him. Every week I would get wasted. My friends and I had the time of our lives.

But ever since my parents died, I can't find the excitement anymore. All I feel is dread. Parties are always packed. People are drunk out of their mind. It smells awful and is hot. They are filled with horny, adolescent teenagers who don't care about the consequences.

The party here is a lot smaller. A local girl called Martha who attends this boarding school in the day is holding it at her large house. When I say house, I mean mansion. The house probably has six or seven rooms. The garden is humongous. Martha must have very wealthy parents.

Iris immediately deserts us when we arrive. She claims if she doesn't 'get drunk right now she will get bored'. That leaves me, Amber and Esme. As soon as Esme finds the lounge, she plonks her bottom on a comfortable chair and stays there, trying to blend in. Her whole exterior screams 'leave me alone'. Amber leads me to the drinks table in the dining room. She picks up a Thatcher's and swigs back as much as possible. I stick to coca-cola, wanting to leave the party sober.

The music drums through my ears causing objects to vibrate. Once upon a time, I would have been dancing to the songs whilst singing my heart out. I would have people's sweaty bodies pressed up against my own as they grind against me. I wouldn't have cared. Now, however, I can't find it in me. The thought of it brings me distaste.

"I'm going to the toilet. Stay here," Amber yells to me over the music. She weaves her way through the crowd, out of sight.

Swallowing my nervousness, I examine the room, taking in everybody here. Nobody notices me. Nobody cares.

"Are you alright?"

I snap my eyes to the direction the voice came from. A very tall and handsome man stands next to me. His beautiful green eyes stare directly into my own, holding me hostage.

"Sorry?" I ask him, embarrassed when he smirks in amusement. I think he caught me staring at him like a silly schoolgirl with a crush.

He leans in a bit closer, close enough for me to catch a whiff of his delicious cologne. His long yet perfect face is mesmerising. Everything about him has been crafted to perfection. There isn't a single flaw on his face. He is otherworldly.

He's also just as handsome as Arlo. If not, more.

"I said, are you alright?" He repeats, casually. His voice is soft and velvety. It is sweet—sweet enough to melt chocolate. I instantly fall in love with it.

Pinching my lips together, I nervously tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. Something about this man draws me to him. There's an undeniable pull that I can't fight. That I don't want to fight.

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