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Even though Dahyun was still mad at Mr Park, she still go to work

An elevator was about to close

Dahyun run quickly to that elevator to stop it

When she looks into the elevator

She saw some of a staff with Mr Park

She smile at them & say

'eh? It's okay it's okay you guys can go first, I will take another elevator'

Jimin just stare at her

The elevator close

When she was about to go

The elevator open again

All of the staff except Jimin go out

She ask one of the staff

'hey! What's going on? Why did you guys go out?'

She's still confused about what just happen

That staff didn't say anything but smile at her & bow at her

When Dahyun want to follow them, she heard Jimin call her

She looks at him

'yes Mr Park?'

'come in!'

Dahyun's eyes widened

Without hesitate, Jimin pull her hand

Jimin press the button

He choose to go to the rooftop that's at level 25

Dahyun look at him

Then, she decide to talk to Mr Park

'what does Mr Park want?'

'I want us not to fight anymore'

'just say it & Mr Park don't need to take me to the rooftop'

Jimin just stay silent

When they arrive at the rooftop

Jimin pull her out of the elevator

He make Dahyun face him

'look! I'm sorry Dahyun, I know it's my fault & I know you was really angry at me because what I say to you was too much last time, I don't want to fight with you anymore, I just want Dahyun that's really nice to me, Dahyun that can make me happy, I miss that Dahyun, please! did you forgive me? I'm willing to do anything that you want me to do!'

Dahyun didn't answer him

She just let his hand go from holding her shoulder

'please Mr Park, don't disturb me anymore, I already tell you that I already forgive you right, Taehyung oppa say you fired Inha, is it true?'

'yes it is, but thank you so much Dahyun'

He hug her

Dahyun was so shocked

She didn't move at all

Jimin broke the hug

'did you still love me?'

Dahyun look into his eyes


Without waiting for Dahyun answer, Jimin kiss her

Dahyun widened her eyes

After that,

Jimin broke the kiss

He put his forehead on her forehead

He look into her eyes

'wh-what was that for Mr Park?'

'I love you, I love you so much Dahyun'


Jimin hug her

'I-I love you too Mr Park'

Jimin smile after he hear that

He broke the hug & look at Dahyun

He kneel down in front of her

'will you be my girlfriend?'

She smile & answer 'Yes' happily

They hug again

Jimin whisper to her ear

'please don't call me Mr Park, call me Jimin or baby'

He smirk

Dahyun just hit his chest

'naughty! I will call you Mr Park when it's only at office, Jimin at the outside, baby in your dream'

Jimin laugh at her

'did I really saw Mr Park just laugh? OMG! Taehyung oppa must be happy when he see this! I will tell him later'

Jimin laugh again at her

-To be continued-

-First of all I want to say sorry for updating it too late & sorry everyone it's a short update.I also want to say thank you so much for all my readers♡, I like it when you guys comment & say you like this fanfic♡.Don't forget to vote & comment everyone, hope you enjoy read it, have a nice day/night everyone♡

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