Silent Blur vs Unmovable Object

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A/N: It's incredibly hard to describe Theodore's weapon to do it justice so the best way I could describe it would be it's similar to Doomfists arm from Overwatch. Though I'd say it's a lot bigger as the shotgun that he uses is probably around the size of a huge Gatling gun. Basically the dude is a walking tank and his semblance is directly tied to that. Hope you guys enjoy!

Also just to clarify, the voting of the last chapter was specifically between Weiss and Neo, not anyone else. Feel free to change your votes or leave them, up to you guys! Sorry for any of the confusion or inconvenience! Thanks again guys.



"Hmph!" Neo clicked her tongue as the doors to the CCT room were completely blown away as a huge explosion occurred behind her. Her body was launched from the blast as she tossed her bikini wrap and ribbon thing her wrists together off. She needed as much mobility as she could get and with her flexibility, she knew as long as she stayed focused she'd never lose sight of Theodore. The Headmaster gave no respect for the equipment around him as he easily just toppled it over with his mecha arm to give him more space. He lazily swatted the monitors away as the barrel on the underside of the gauntlet shot another blast of explosive fire dust at the small girl. His shotgun/giant mecha arm was extremely dangerous as Neo barely had enough time to continuously dodge the attacks. Oddly enough, the belly dancer outfit was coming in handy as it allowed maximum movement since she was pretty much only wearing a bikini. The veil over her face kept dust from getting in her eyes as she darter around the room. Both Neo and Theodore knew that damaging the main computer of the CCT would ruin both of their plans so neither made a move or attack towards it. Neo caught a glimpse of the progress bar and it was only at 37%.

'Gonna have to get out in order to hold out longer...staying here is only going to get me killed.' Neo narrowed her eyes before creating two illusions of herself. Theodore quickly saw both rush him before he flung his Bowie knife at one and punched through the other as both shattered into glass. He barely had enough time as he raised his unarmed arm to block Neo's blade coming from above him. The tank of a man simply took the attack as Neo's umbrella got stuck in his arm. He lazily waved her off as she went flying and struck against the wall before coughing up spit when creating an indent in it. Neo quickly got up as a giant hammer arm slammed down on where she was before the giant man snapped her umbrella in half.

"You're a world renowned criminal?" Theodore began laughing. "Please missy, without your weapon, you're practically useless. Surrender and I'll make the interrogators go easy. You know how people can get in Vacuo."

Neo simply grinned and fixed her hair as she picked up her umbrella while Theodore's eyes widened. The snapped umbrella broke into glass as he began laughing.

"Hahaha!" Theodore laughed heartily before rubbing his forehead and looking back at Neo. "You're really something kid. Guessing your semblance is something to do with illusions you have complete control over and can switch places with. Sounds like a handy semblance to have honestly...but I gotta say that mine just seems a little bit more par for the course."

Immediately Neo sunk to her knees as her entire body began to shake. Her arms had seized up and she began to cough on her hands and knees. Her body shook violently as she couldn't even think let alone move. She opened her eyes slightly to see the large and shaky form of Theodore as his body ripped through the rest of his shirt while his muscles got even bigger like he was straight out of the Seven Deadly Sins. He retracted his gauntleted arm and scoffed as he loaded his shotgun again. The black and crimson shotgun barrel was pointed directly at her head.

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