Hansal and Grettal

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"That's the end of it." Anderson said when they got to end of the trail. "We don't know where they went from here. Tells us nothing at all."

"You're right, Anderson." Sherlock said. "Nothing. Except his shoe size, his hieght, his gait, his walking pace."

He ripped off one of the curtains and got on the floor. Alex sat down next to him as he used an instrument to pick off some of the wood on the floor containing the Linseed oil. Alex kneeled down next to him.

"Having fun?" She asked.

"Starting to." Sherlock smiled.

"I wouldn't smile." Alex said. Sherlock tilted his head at her. "Kidnapped children."

After Sherlock had gotten what he needed, they got a cab for St. Barts. Alex sat in the middle of John and Sherlock. John turned to Sherlock.

"How'd they get past the CCTV if all the doors were locked?" John asked.

"He walked in when they weren't locked." Sherlock said.

"A stranger can't just walk into a school like that." John said.

"Anyone can walk in anywhere if they pick the right moment." Sherlock said. "Yesterday, end of term with parents milling around, chauffeurs, staff? What's one more stranger around that lot? He was waiting for them. All he had to do was find a place to hide."

When they got to St. Barts, Molly was walking out of the lab. Sherlock opened the door just as she was about to leave.

"Molly!" He said.

"Oh, hey. I'm just going out." Molly said.

Sherlock turned her around. "No, you're not."

"I've got a lunch date!" Molly said.

"Cancel it. You're having lunch with me and Alex." Sherlock said.

"What?" Molly said.

"Need your help." Sherlock said. "It's one of your old boyfriends. We're trying to track him down. He's been a bit naughty."

"It's Moriarty." John said.

"Of course it's Moriarty!" Sherlock said.

"Jim wasn't actually even my boyfriend. We went out three times." Molly said. "I ended it."

Alex burst out laughing. Molly Hooper, the timid pathologist, had broken up with Jim Moriarty, the most dangerous man on earth. Alex put her arm around Molly's shoulder.

"This is why you're my best friend." She said.

"I thought I was you're best friend!" Sherlock said. "Anyways, and then he stole the crown jewels, broke into the Bank of England, and organized the prison bank at Pentonville. For the sake of law and order, I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly."

Molly sighed and put her lab coat back on. Sherlock went into the lab and sat in his usual spot and Alex sat beside him. Molly brought in a stack of books that she looked like she was struggling to carry. Alex helped her.

"Alex, oil." Sherlock said. "The oil in the kidnapper's footprint. It'll lead us to Moriarty. All the chemical traces on his shoe have been preserved. The sole of the shoe is like a passport. If we're lucky, we can see everything he's been up to."

Sherlock looked at the oil under a microscope. Alex pushed to see. Sherlock enjoyed how much she loved looking through the microscope. Molly put on her rubber gloves. Sherlock held out his hand to her.

"I need that analysis." He said.

Molly tested the liquid on the slide with a special strip of paper. The part she was testing turned blue. She checked the chart she had next to her.

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