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Chapter 1 : Legend

First of all,the Alex everyone once knew had to go.So he went to find the one with all the connections to make it happen.After hours of walking,he finally reached his destination.He knocked on the door three times and it opened automatically.He followed the hallway to the end.

"It's nice to meet you again,Alex,"these words greeted him as he walked through the final door.

"No time for greetings,Dave,"Alex replied.

"What's the rush,Alex?"Dave asked.

"First of all,Alex has to go,I'm on the run."Alex said quickly,nervously looking out the door.

"Ah...I see.Alright,I've been waiting for this moment.We're gonna do something the secret services would call 'Legend'."Dave said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Legend?"the now nameless boy asked.

"Yes,this erases all your past records,to make way for your new ones.All the person's records,occupation,family histories,residence,all false,all...a Legend.Are you sure?"Dave asked looking at the boy standing in front of him in the eye.

He nodded.

"It's your choice so I won't stop you,give me a few days and I'll be ready with your new life.So for now,stay as Alex."

"Alright,if that's what it takes..."Alex said reluctantly.He wanted to get a new name as soon as possible."What do I do for these few days?"

"You can stay here.I suggest you get a tempoary job,you can't survive in this country if you don't have money."Dave said while starting on Alex's 'new life'.

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