Chapter One

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'OK, would you rather sleep with Shane Dawson or Jeffree Star?' Luna sits crossed legged across from me as I laughed into my hands, freshly manicured. 

'Ew! That's disgusting! 1. They are both gay 2. They both have boyfriends and 3. Just, no!' I threw my head back, bursting into laughter on the mattress below Luna's bed when her dad, Nick, comes around the corner

'If you guys want to get up at 7am tomorrow morning, I would recommend you get some sleep.' he leans his head on the door frame as I turned to look around at him.

'It's fine dad. We'll just set an alarm.' Luna shurgs as Nick nods and rolls his eyes as I hold in a laugh.

'There is no way you're setting an alarm tomorrow' I said, speaking honestly before Luna shurgs again

'Yeah, I know. But it's for Ruel so I'll think about it' she smirks before climbing under her covers and I just rolled my eyes but following her actions. 

Luna was obsessed with the 16 year old Australian singer, Ruel and when I said obsessed, I meant talking about him non-stop until she could tell I zoned out. Tomorrow we were going to line up at a pop-up shop in the hopes of meeting him and buying some of his limited merchandise.

I definitely was not as big of a fan as Luna so I was only really doing this for her tomorrow morning, not so much myself. I didn't listen to his music unless Luna would play his songs when we were together, which was always. I guess I had gotten used to his voice and the familiar face that Luna keeps showing me but I definitely wouldn't go up to him and get a picture if I happened to see him in public. 

Luna also got us tickets for her concert which I was more excited than waking up at 7 am. Luna obviously thinks it all worth it but if I was being completely honest, I wasn't so sure that we were going to be the first 200 people to meet him.

I woke up naturally quite early as my body was used to waking up like this on school days but Luna was still fast asleep, that's why she was always late to school. I crawled over the mattress to check my phone. 7:20am. Crap

As if on cue, I see Nicks shadow in the doorway as he turns the light on to wake up Luna. 'Alright girls. You're already late so I would recommend getting ready as fast as possible.' he speaks and we both wince awake at the sudden light

Grabbing the grey embroider tee shirt I had laid out as well as my plain legging, I put on the outfit before going into the kitchen to see Luna making toast. 'You want avocado on it?' she asks but I shake my head in a polite decline.

'Nah, just vegimite. Avocado makes me sick and I don't think I feel like throwing up on Ruel today' we both chuckle and quickly eat your toast.

Grabbing our bags before getting into the car, Luna poiletly asked Nick to turn some Ruel on. 

'No' he bluntly speaks as Luna throws her head back into the seat and groans as I tried to hold in a laugh once again. 

God I loved their family car rides.

As we started to drive past the location, we saw that there were already many girls lined up there. 'I don't know what 200 looks like but that's a lot of people...'  Luna mumbles and I force a smile and nod. 

Was I actually getting disappointed at the thought that I wasn't going to meet him? No, probably just because Luna loved him that much. Yeah, that's the reason

I thank Nick as we run across the road, laughing at a car honking their horn at us. We join the end of the line  behind two other teenage girls who's dad, we assumed, has just approached them

'So how many are there?' A blonde girl speaks as her dad pulls out his phone

'78' he responds before Luna and I share a smile. 

We go to sit down against the brick wall but not even 2 minutes later, a group of girls wearing Painkiller hoodies approached us, interrupting our conversation about the merchandise we were going to get today. 

'Hey. If you don't mind, we're writing everyone's number on their hands so that we know who's the first 200' they hold out a sharpie as Luna and I share a smile with them as they write the number 84 & 85 on your hands

'Omg. Unless 100 people push in in front of us, we're going to meet Ruel' she smiles, making me smile back at her and my heart started to unexpectedly beat faster. 

Was I actually getting nervous to meet him?

The next two hours were spent on our phones, looking at Ruel update accounts as well making surpuirsing new friends in front and behind us in the line. They went really quickly and soon enough we were out of the pop-up shop with our green free time wristband's on one wrist, our new and matching Face to Face hoodie over our other arm while holding the new Free Time EP. Luna couldn't wipe off the smile on her face and I honestly couldn't either the feeling was contagious. 

It felt like the rest of the day went on forever. 

Walked around. Got lunch. Wakled around. Went into shops. Bought nothing. Walked around. 

Both Luna and I decided at around 2pm and to walk back to the pop-up shop and start to line up again, he was going to be here any hour now. 

You sat down against the brick wall again, a little further down now and Luna pulled out the bag of Cheetos she bought for Ruel as well as the matching scrunchies we all had. 'OK, I have the party pack of Cheetos and the matching scrunchies that we sprayed with Chanel. Oh my god, what if he's allergic to perfume!? I might kill him!' she panics, her mouth moving faster than her hand movements but all I could do was roll my eyes. 

'Calm down dude. He's not. He has probably received heaps of scrunchies with perfume on it. You should be good' I try to calm her but her reaction showed it didn't work.

'How are you not freaking out now? He's literally about to arrive and we are less than an hour away from meeting him!' she practically squeals and grabs onto my hand.

'I don't know... I'm just not in love with him like you are. Sure, he's attractive but I don't know. He just doesn't seem like my type of guy' I shrug, keeping my cool before Luna nods and I could suddenly hear screaming coming from the front of the line. 

The solid line that once stood had collapsed into a bunch of girls just surrounding the entryway and the road next to it. 

It had hit 4pm and with every car that drove past there was a scream or squeal of a girl thinking it was Ruel. Suddenly the screams got bigger as everyone pulls out their phone. I watch as a tall boy in orange comes out the car with a bucket hat covering his blonde hair. I pulled out my phone as an immediate instinct but by the time I had clicked onto the camera, the boy himself had disappeared into the garage door. 

The line starts to make its way to its original format and I saw people ahead of you disappear into the door and come out with the biggest smiles on their faces. The line was moving quickly and I got more and more nervous as I got closer and closer to door. I stood at the front of the line, waiting for the all clear to go in by the security guard. 

'Are you sure you don't want to go in first Luna? You love him more than me after all' She shakes her head as her eyes widen, she was freaking out in a way I had never seen her before. 

The security taps my shoulder and in reaction, I turn around.

'You can go in now'

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