Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Once they returned to the palace, Xavier rushed Rye to the temple. The shamans descended upon her and checked her thoroughly to make sure no new hex was placed upon her.

By the time they finished, Rye was asleep on the altar. The first rays of sunlight poured through the stained glass windows, the incense smoke danced high in the air casting odd shadows across Rye's sleeping face.

Xavier traced her delicate features with his finger as he watched her sleep.

Rye sighed and moved a little closer to his touch.

"She's is free of any new hex," The shaman informed Xavier.

"Thank you," Xavier said.

He picked up his sleeping beauty in his arms and carried her to her room. He had hoped to not wake her, but when he laid her down on the bed, she slowly opened her eyes.

"Get some sleep," Xavier whispered gently.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Rye asked in her sleepy state, "About the scent, and the memory eraser...why didn't you just tell me?"

Xavier remained quiet. He didn't know how to answer her.

Rye fought hard against the desire to sleep, "You never tell me anything. Since the day we first met, you've always hid things from me...why?"

Xavier took a seat next to her on the bed, "I'm not used to sharing the task of decision making."

"Do you think I am incapable of making smart choices? Do you think I am less than you?" Rye asked in a quiet voice.

"No," Xavier said alarmed, "I would never think that way about you."

"Then you need to start telling me things. Especially things that involve me."

"I can't think straight when it comes to your safety," Xavier sighed, "It was a big decision, I admit, to have your scent transferred...but at the moment all I could comprehend was that I needed to keep you safe."

Rye listened to him quietly. "That is a terrible excuse." She finally said.

"It's the truth," Xavier looked into her eyes, "I wish I had a better explanation...but I don't."

Rye looked away from his intense gaze and nodded. "I can't forgive you yet. Not after you have taken my identity from me."

Xavier remained still. He picked a spot on the wall above the bed and focused very hard upon it.

"Every time I look at you...or think of you, it hurts. I feel as if I have been punched in the chest and left breathless. My's how people knew who I was. They knew me as the daughter of my father...and without my scent I'm just a nobody."

"I'm sorry," Xavier looked at Rye again. Her gray eyes watered as she saw the hurt in his green ones. She didn't want to forgive him so easily...but she saw his pain.

Turning away to face the opposite direction, Rye pulled the covers over herself, "Can you give me some space...please. I need to just think for a minute."

After a while she heard the sheets move and then he was gone.


Exhausted form a night full of excitement, Rye slept through the whole day.

She woke at dusk to her tummy making whale mating calls. She realized she hadn't eaten since the night of the fight when she threw up in Xavier's office.

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