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"A queen will always turn pain into power" -unknown-

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"A queen will always turn pain into power"


...7 years later...

I looked up at the sky letting the snow fall on my face. Because Mr. I know where I'm going. Finally stopped to see where beeps were the loudest from the tracking fob.

  "It's to our left. You know I love the cold but I don't love freezing my ass off." I said looking at the side of his helmet.

     "You could have waited in the Razer." Mando said walking the way I said.

    "Now where's the fun in that. You would get to have all the fun. While I would be sitting around and doing absolutely nothing." I said kicking the ice a bit while we were walking. I looked up to see a tavern I was about to go in when a hand stopped me "What?" I said turning towards Mando.

"I don't want you to fight unless I say so. I don't want a repeat of the last time's when you "accidentally" killed the target." Mando said shaking his head. I started to glare at him and started to argue back at him.

"Oh like you didn't have any fun explaining to Greef why the target was dead. Don't lie "Oh we needed the little extra credits" because we're fine the last time I checked. Then on the next job we got the same amount of credits we would have gotten. He was just annoying." I said moving Mando hand's off of me.

"Don't start arguing with me just do it please. You can fight if you have to. But it would be nice if you didn't have to." Mando said heading towards the door. I rolled my eyes "Fine but I make no promise's." I said walking next to Mando he didn't say anything and he didn't have to. Because I knew that was his way of saying fine. Before we went in I heard someone say "Please please. I have credits take them."

When the metal door opened everyone turned towards us. I looked around for a minute to see our target getting harassed by three trawlers. The bald one with a beard said something in Hettese. I had no idea what he said neither did Mando. When we didn't say anything the Trawler was getting mad at that.

We began to walk towards the bar when we heard the same trawler say. "Hey Mando." Sounding really pissed off.

I jumped onto the bar swinging my legs back and forth. I see Mando shake his head at me for doing that. But he didn't say anything. Though he did put his hand on my leg. I smiled underneath my mask. I looked up to see baldy was pissed and make his way towards us. he went to Mando's right side and my left side. He said something in Huttese.

"He says you spilled his drink." The barkeeper said almost sounding like he knew what was about to happen. I was itching to fight but I knew Mando didn't want me too. "It's fine it's on me." The barkeeper said while getting to work.

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