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Wisdom is an elusive and surprising thing.  When you think that you are wise, you are often far from it, and just when you realize that what you THINK you knew was false you start to learn the real lessons that matter.

I have made a lot of mistakes, personally...professionally...relationally...and more.  A lot of those mistakes were made because I forgot that I am the only one that is writing my story...not only this book ABOUT my story but my life as a story.  I listened to what others told me was true, when they knew too little about me or my story to know.  I listened to what others said was right, when they had no idea of my goals, my desires, or the outcomes I wanted to achieve. 

As I listened to the advice of others, I became what others said I should become, and I sought the jobs and people I was TOLD that I should want....both sexually and professionally.  Many of those choices were made with some personal input along the way, so I was not COMPLETELY lying about who I was.  Within the context of the path I was on, those WERE the choices I would make.  However, I kept finding myself unhappy with the destination, because I was ON THE WRONG ROAD.

It is only recently that I have got a REAL grip on what that means for my own path for happiness.  When I began the website and books about happiness, I was trying to write down the wisdom I learned from the errors that I had made, but I continued to run into the same errors in a different context.  This made me feel that I was a fraud, because...how could I be giving advice on happiness, when I was still struggling to find it.  However, that was my wisdom birth moment.

What I learned was that in order to start your journey to happiness, you need to go back to the beginning and ask...what was it that made ME happy and what makes me happy NOW, because those are the only things that will provide the two points in a line to point to where you wish to go, as you determine your own hope for future happiness.

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