Chapter 24-It's A...WHAT?!

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Zedmier(Carver's little cousin)---->

Chapter 24

It’s a…WHAT?!

Carver’s POV

“I CAN’T DO THIS!” Wynter screams and groans.

I look up from the instructions and see him sitting in the middle of a bunch of wooden pieces and screws. He looks at the instructions for the small bookshelf with a glare making me smile. I put down my instructions for the crib and walk over to him before crouching at his side and resting my chin on his shoulder. I look over the instructions and quickly scan the pieces on the floor.

“Here, these are the sides. This piece is the bottom and this is the top.” I say and place everything in separate piles with the screws he's supposed to use.

“Thanks babe.” He says with a blush.

“No problem Pidge.” I kiss his cheek and go back to building the crib.

“Are you ready to tell your family?” He asks nervously.

I bite my lip and wince. “Y-yeah, I'm ready.”

“Why did you stutter?” He asks with wide panicked eyes.

“Papa is going to kick my ass for getting you pregnant so young.” I say softly and I see him bite his lip and nod.

“You think so?” He questions with amused eyes.

“I know so. He told me I shouldn’t have kids until I was married.” I say while screwing the nail into the last hole before shaking it and smiling when it doesn’t budge. Perfect.

“So he's not going to be happy?” He asks nervously.

I scoff and shake my head. “Of course he's going to be happy, after he beats the shit out of me and lecturing me on being responsible. Then he's going to rant to be about how you’re still so young and in school. After that he's going to tell me that I have to step up since you are still in school and need to rest and study hard. THEN he's going to be happy. I know all of that though so I'm ready for it.”

“I think it’s going to be hard but we can do it.” He says and rubs him 2 and a half month bump.

He's so cute with the bump. I'm honestly surprised nobody noticed it yet. Wynter has been wearing my sweaters all the time and it hides the bump still so we’re good to go. Today will be our check-up where we find out the gender and then we inform the family we’re expecting. I'm excited to tell them because I know they will be supportive and happy.

Since the master bedroom in this apartment has a sitting room we changed it into a nursery. We never used it and there are no other rooms in the apartment. I want to buy a little house for us soon so we can have privacy, maybe after Pidge finishes school or his internship at the clinic. I already spoke to Dr. McNeil and he's completely ecstatic at teaching his Alpha to become a vet.  

For now we are staying here and ordered everything online. It was a bitch to get it all up here without the pack finding out. After thinking of ways to get it up unnoticed I gave up and ordered them all to their rooms as I quickly brought it up and then they were free to roam the house again. Scots helped me since he's the only one, besides Parker and Legacy that know about the baby.

Once we get everything built I smile. It’s not ready yet because I still need to paint it and put up the wall decorations, but we need to know the sex first. I'm not really picky but I would prefer a boy first. Wynter is hoping for a boy to since he hasn’t mentioned any girl names to me. I have one in mind but I'm waiting to see what he has to say of a girl’s name.

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