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"Jungkook-ah! The show will be starting soon! Be ready, everyone's preparing backstage." Namjoon reminded Jungkook. He nodded. The make-up stylist is putting lip balm to him.

"You're done." The stylist said and he get to his position with the other members. They went up and showed on stage. ARMYs are screaming when they saw them, the performance started.

"I don't know why I'm here." Dahyun hid her face because she knows that ARMYs will talk about her, she's wearing hoodie and mask because Jin forced her to stay in Busan to watch their anniversary party with ARMYs. The crowd is going crazy for BTS, especially when they sang the rapper's line song, Ddaeng all together. They changed lines, with the help of rap lines, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, V rapped. ARMYs are screaming when Jungkook rapped with Namjoon. "Of course. He debuted as a rapper." Dahyun muttered. She could feel her phone vibrating, Nayeon's calling. "I can't answer it now, she'll hear this." She said, Dahyun tried her best to get out of the venue and answered her call. "Eonni."

"Where are you? Members are calling you many times. We're going to Japan for our fan meeting with Pocari."

"What? That's tomorrow???"

"Yes, and we're leaving tonight. Where are you?"

"What??? I-I'm on my way home."


The concert ended, they are all showering with their own sweats.

"Get up. There's no time to rest, we can rest at the airplane." Namjoon said.

"Plane? Where are we heading?" JHope asked.

"Japan for our next concert."

"Ah, totally forgot." JHope closed his eyes.

"Where's Dahyun?" Jin asked.

"Oppa!" She's approaching.


"Congrats with the success of your 5th muster. I need to go."

"Why? You don't have concerts." Jin said.

"I forgot about our schedule of Pocari in Japan."

"Japan?" Jimin asked.

"Yes, Twice is going tonight. I can't go back to Seoul that quick."

"We're also heading to Japan. You can just go with us." Jin said.

"What? You are?"

"What about my stuffs?" She asked. "Oh, wait I'll just call the members. She excused herself and called Chaeyoung. " Chae! Chae, uhm. Where are you? I'm going to Japan alone, I'll just follow you. It's just that something came up."

"What? Where are you?"

"Uhm, Busan."

"What are you doing there???"

"Something came up and I can't go home. Thank goodness I'm always bringing my passport with me."

"Yeah, okay. I'll get clothes from your room here at the dorm and our outfit will be carried by the manager."

"Yes, yes. Thank you! I love you, muah!" Dahyun hang up.

"Dahyun, let's go?" Jin asked.

"Uh, yeah."

"Your stuffs?"

"Uh, I asked a favor from Chaeng about that."

"That's great." Everyone prepared and they head inside the plane going to Japan.

"Uh, Jin. Why is TWICE Dahyun, here?" Their manager asked.

"Ah, Twice is also going to Japan. So she's coming with us to meet her members after we arrived in Japan." Jin explained.

After an hour of being in the plane, everyone slept. Except for Jungkook. He keeps hearing Dahyun coughing. He got up and checked her beside Jin who's snoring while sleeping.

"Hey, you okay?" Jungkook asked.

"O-oh, y-yeah." She said. Jungkook turned the aircon off. "Here." Jungkook handed him a blanket. Dahyun took it.

"Thank you." She slightly smiled and Jungkook went back to his seat.

After few hours of flight, the plane arrived in Japan.

"Here, wear this." Jin gave her scarf.

"Thank you, oppa."

"Just follow the staffs. A lot of fans and paparazzis are waiting for us. We can't let them see you with us."

"Ah, yeah. Our manager called too, I gotta go." She said.

"Take care."

"You too, oppa. I love you." She said and she followed the staff when getting off the plane. As they arrived inside the airport, Dahyun walked to different direction to see TWICE members waiting outside with a van. They arrived first before BTS.

"Where have you been?" Jihyo asked when she opened the van.

"Sorry, just something came up." She said and sat at the back beside Jungyeon and Chaeyoung.

"Preview of Bangtansonyeondan, arriving in Japan." Chaeyoung whispered to her. "You came with them, huh?"

"What?" Dahyun asked.

"It's just us three, Jungyeon whispered. Dahyun coughed.

"You catched a cold." Sana said.

"Minari, you okay?" Nayeon asked. She nodded.


"Breaking news, TWICE will be performing as 7 for their fan meeting event in Japan for Pocari Sweat. Fans are worried about the two members who will not be joining them, Mina and Dahyun. Mina was seen not feeling alright at the airport and fans noticed it, while Dahyun was not seen with them but followed with a different flight but also sick. Fans are hoping and sending them love to feel better, praying for them to perform with TWICE soon."

"Ya, Dahyun is sick?" JHope asked. They're watching the news when they arrived at their Hotel. Jin called Dahyun.

"Hey, you won't be performing? You should've stayed in Busan and I'll give you driver on your way home. You can't drive when you're sick."

"I'm okay, oppa. I'm taking meds, I just need rest. Mina eonni and I are resting."

"Okay, take care. I hope you two will get better soon."

"Thank you, oppa." Jin hang up, Jungkook's standing near him listening to their conversation, he pretended that he just got behind Jin and looked around the place. Jungkook sighed when Jin walked to the other members.

After resting at the Hotel, everyone got ready because their concert will be tonight. They only have two hours of practice at the dome and it's show time. They'll feel exhausted after the practice and they'll perform it again as final for the fans.

"ARMYS!" JHope screamed to the crowd, fans are waving their lightsticks. Taehyung noticed that Jimin is not feeling good at the middle of the concert. He approached him and tapped his shoulder, Jimin pretended that he's good.

"Need little hours more, I'm okay." Jimin told him. It's not just Jimin, but also Namjoon. They ended the concert nicely and went backstage. The staffs came to assist Namjoon and Jimin.

Jimin sat on the couch and BTS members are fanning him. He's now unconscious. While Namjoon got injured and feeling dizzy. They called for help of medic to make sure they're okay.

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