vacation//g.d- pt4

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AN// we're almost done, just one part left <3 merry christmas my loves

(third person pov)

"I know, princess, I know," Grayson sighed as Emily jumped up and down on the bed. Grayson sighed, sitting up, rubbing his eyes. Em and her mama had come back from breakfast to find Grayson asleep again and Ella wide awake, crawling all over her daddy.

"Daddy promise beach today!" She yelled crawling onto his lap, standing on his thighs. Grayson yawned and nodded, running a hand through his bedhead. "Fix daddy's hair?" Emily asked, hands going to his hair. Grayson leaned back into the headboard as Emily played with his hair.

Tongue stuck out as she concentrated, she tried to get her daddy's hair back to how it normally was. "All done, princess?" He asked as she fell back onto her bum. She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Not fixed," She said. Grayson smiled, picking her up and sitting her over his head and onto his shoulders.

"Let's go find mama, she knows how to fix it," Grayson said before getting out of bed. Emily on his hair as they walked out of the room to look for y/n. She was standing in the kitchen with Ella on her hip, fixing a bottle for the little baby as Grayson came behind her, wrapping one arm around her as the other rested up on Emily's leg to keep her up.

"Morning," He mumbled, pushing her hair out of the way so he could rest his head on her shoulder. Y/N sighed as he leaned all his weight- plus Emily's, on her body.

"Gray, you're really heavy," She said. Ella giggled as y/n put her youngest daughter on the counter so she could push Gray off of her. "Tell your daddy to get off of me," Y/N told Emily. Emily giggled.

"Off mama!" She yelled, pulling on Grayson's hair. "Daddy!" Grayson groaned, standing up. Emily giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck as she tried to crawl her way down into his arms. Grayson sighed, pulling her off of him and sitting her on the counter once y/n picked up Ella, cradling the baby as she held her bottle to her mouth.

"We have to leave soon," Y/N said as she walked around the kitchen, rocking Ella in her arms. Grayson yawned and nodded. "Someone's not awake yet," She teased with a smile. Grayson sighed, walking off.

"'s too early for this," He mumbled. Emily looked back to see her sister still drinking her milk. Couldn't they hurry up already? "Let's change, hm?" Grayson asked, reading his daughter's mind.

Emily squealed as Grayson dropped her on the bed, heading towards the array of clothes splattered around the bedroom. "Bathing suit!" Emily exclaimed from the bed. Grayson nodded, pulling clothes up. "Daddy, corner," She said. Grayson turned to see where she was pointing and she was right. The bathing suits were out on the chair in the corner.

"Here we go," He said, picking up her little bathing suit, Emily giggled as he walked back. "Can you be a big girl and dress yourself while daddy brushes his teeth?" He asked. Emly nodded, taking her bathing suit from him.

Grayson smiled and kissed her on the head before walking off to the bathroom. Emily stared at the two-piece bathing suit in her hands. How was she supposed to put this on? But she promised to be a big girl and do it all by herself, and now she was gonna try her hardest.

She managed to get it on, for the most part, she'd crossed over the arm straps, but that was okay- she liked it better this way. And now what? Is she ready to go? And just in time, Grayson came out of the bathroom, his own swim trunks on, pulling on a t-shirt.

"Look at you, princess!" He exclaimed, picking her up. Emily beamed at him as he carried her to y/n's suitcase. "Now we just need to put something on top," He said. Emily frowned.

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