40. I still want you

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"Let's just go inside, Kook" the boy with blue hair muttered, urging Jk to follow him to the restaurant to avoid having to deal with those two squealing teenagers. The young Instagram star, on the other hand, didn't seem to be bothered by his fans' screams. Instead, he looked kind of amused by them, as if he was so used to it that it wasn't even an issue anymore.

"Oppaaa Saranghaeyo!!!" one of the fangirls yelled, emitting an almost inhuman screech, her stupid words making Taehyung's ears bleed.

"I'm gonna barf" he commented, desperate to find a way to get rid of those two annoying, hormones raging groupies. On the other hand, Jk was grinning and enjoying the unwanted attention they were getting.

"So are you guys dating?" the bravest girl among the duo dared to ask, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. Jungkook neither confirmed nor denied her statement but simply avoided her gaze, still making sure to keep a fair distance from her, fearing a sudden attack. Yeah, some of his stans were really crazy and he knew that very damn well.

Taehyung was noticeably irritated: he kept a straight face and waited for the girls to understand they were not gonna put up with their bs. "So when are you guys gonna leave?" Tae quirked a brow, retorting in a mocking tone and giving the little stalkers a gaze so piercing and intimidating, they both turned pale on the spot.

He was simply staring at them and yet his glare served as a serious warning to leave him and his partner alone, or else who knows what he would have done.

Jungkook gulped at the sight of his lover being so keen on protecting him like that... it was kind of a turn on honestly. Luckily those two die-hard fans were respectful enough to go away, but not before taking yet another pic of the two boys together and post it on their bunnyboy stan account.

"F*ucking finally" the artist sighed, looking up at the sky. "Now I get why you said being famous is not all fun and games" he then added, speaking through gritted teeth.

"Thanks for your help... you didn't have to be that rude though" the younger boy talked back, sulking. He was so cute all wrapped up in his beige flannel coat, his face paler than usual because of the cold wind blowing on his skin.

"Wha- I thought you hated all the attention! I did it to protect you!" Tae blurted out, a bit disappointed by the other boy's reaction.

"I know and I'm grateful for it. But you know... those two girls actually did us a favor" Jungkook said at that point, making Taehyung gape in surprise.

"How?" he asked, totally clueless about what Jk was getting at.

"Hello? They just exposed our relationship to the public. Pretty sure their tweet has already been shared by thousands of people" the boy with chestnut hair answered, his voice tinged with irony.

"Oh no..." Taahyung felt lost: the idea that the news of him dating Jk was spreading like cancer on the internet was neither pleasing nor reassuring.

"Wait... aren't you happy?" Jungkook was shocked at the sight of his partner panicking like that over something that silly. He was fumbling and rambling in a low voice so that only Jungkook could hear him. They were still outside so he couldn't risk being recognized by other people.

"I.. well I am happy, it's just... I wanted this moment between us to be special, I didn't want to..."

"Rush it" Jungkook finished Tae's sentence in a dry tone, finally meeting his gaze. And that's when he saw that Taehyung was finally starting to feel more at ease.

"Exactly" the older boy spoke and just then, a smile appeared on his lips. That's when Jungkook sighed, collecting all his strength to deliver a heartfelt message he was positive Taehyung was dying to hear.

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