34. heart attack

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Did he had to scream?

Probably not the best idea, given that could have possibly startled Jungkook, causing him to fall before Tae could even save him.
So he stayed still, heart pounding like a drum in his chest, blood pumping in his veins with such strength he felt his whole system imploding under the pressure.

"Oh, you're here" thank God Jungkook turned his face as he noticed Taehyung standing in the distance, his face pale like a corpse. Meanwhile, he was carelessly doing - whatever he was doing- like it was the most normal thing in the world, in a precarious balance between life and death.

"Sorry I didn't see you there" he then added, setting foot on the ground again, to the other boy's relief, and getting off that damn rail, then walking towards an utterly shocked Taehyung.

"Seriously now, what the hell is wrong with you?" Taehyung blurted out, not able to contain his emotions any longer.

"You could have fall off and die" he then continued, tiny wrinkles forming near his brows as he angrily frowned.

"Nah, I got it under control. It's fun, I do it all the time" Jungkook retorted, not phased by the older boy's reaction.

"I really cannot believe you! We were supposed to have a good time and there you go, making me have a heart attack! Also, what you did back there with Jimin... not cool" the artsy boy spoke, crossing his arms.

"What's the deal with you today?" he then finally asked, his eyes fixed on Jungkook who knew there was nowhere to run. He was hooked on that stare of his.

"What's wrong is I can't stand Jimin, ok? And nothing's changing that!" Jungkook confessed, his brown eyes darkening. He breathed deeply before continuing to speak.

"You can't even imagine how I feel every time I see his face... that bastard stole my boyfriend and what's even worse is... he's now trying to steal you" the younger boy whined, his voice becoming nasal and sounding like a cry.

"You're... worried he could take me away from you? But... we're not even... I mean.. are we..?" Taehyung stumbled upon his words, unsure of what to say. Was Jungkook implying they were now more than just friends? Was he being somewhat... jealous?

"Forget it. I'm just being overprotective. You should be able to hang out with whoever you want to, regardless of the fact they are heartless, backstabbing bit-" just as Jungkook was trying to finish that sentence, two large hands cupped his face and soft, rosy lips brushed against his in a matter of seconds, his heart getting caught in his throat because of that sudden move.

Taehyung was kissing him, but not as lustfully as the first time he did; on the other hand, he was taking it slow, tasting his lips as they were made of candy. Their moves were in synch, hearts beating at the same pace, their skin burning and sensitive at the touch of their fingers. But there was no intention of going farther.

Taehyung only wanted to kiss him, there and then, feeling the rising heat of his cheeks under his palms, as he caressed him. Noticing how his eyes fluttered open a bit each time they separated to catch their breaths before linking their tongues again. It didn't last long, but long enough for them to want more.

"What were you saying again" Taehyung mocked Jungkook, ears still red and cheeks cutely flushed. The older boy licked his lips as he watched his "friend" getting all fired up as he retorted with an attitude.

"You idiot" Jungkook said, acting as if nothing had happened.

"This doesn't change the fact I'm still mad at you" he then added, playfully hitting the other boy's chest with a fist.

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