I'm Still Only Into Blondes

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The next day



I groaned in pain as I caressed my swollen fist. Why did I have such an annoying alarm. Afraid to see the damage, I cautiously open one eye. My alarm clock was broken, the metal part fell off and the clock was just a pile of wires and all that shit. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

"Well, someone isn't a morning person." a husky voice murmured. My eyes flew open and I gasped, falling off the bed.

I groaned once again, only this time I was caressing my throbbing forehead. I opened my eyes and came face to face with Caleb. I groaned, but it wasn't out of pain.

"What are you doing her jackass?" I asked him, genuinely curious as to how he got passed my parents.

"I'm Carter's younger brother, the angelic young boy that's always helping people out. At least that's what your mom said." he replied. I snorted.

"My mom has a funny way of saying motherfucking jackass." I said as I hopped out of bed, "But couldn't you have just gone to Fiona's and woken her up? I'm sure she would've enjoyed it unlike a certain person."

"Yeah well that motherfucking jackass is going to drive you to school, so get your perky ass in my car as soon as you're dressed." he said grinning.

"I'm not fifteen anymore, I can drive myself." I retorted, attempting to push his rock like body out of my bedroom. He tisked me and walked out. I slammed the door and slid down, with my head in my knees. How could I escape? I looked around and saw my window, my screenless window. I swear my grin was bigger than Cheshire the cat from Alice in Wonderland. I quickly showered and went to my closet.

I decided to dress nicely today, I grabbed some skinny jeans, a red tanktop, and a black floral kimono. I laced up my converse and brushed my hair, this was my definition of dressing nicely. Dressing formal was wearing a skirt or a dress. I'm not gonna even go to the prom dress and ball gown level. I grabbed my bag and opened my window, just as the door opened. I looked into his eyes just as he was about to shout at me.

"Hasta la vista biatch." I said as I saluted him and jumped out the window. I heard him yell and quickly pulled out my keys. I unlocked my door and pulled out of my driveway just as he opened the front door. He scrambled to get into his car, but I was already leaving the neighborhood. I rolled down my window and yelled, "I'll meet you at school bitch!" I cackled like a witch and drove to school. Things were already looking my way. I put on my shades and pressed on the accelerator, I was in the zone.



I sighed. Frustrated, I ran my fingers through my hair. I barely knew Andy, yet here I was in her driveway. After she called me a biatch, my interest in her only increased. I wanted to actually know her. She wasn't one of those sappy cheerleader sluts that wanted me for reputation and all that shit. Hell, she even tried to set me up with her best friends, and don't get me wrong, Fiona's hot, but Andy just drives me insane.

She so obvious about her disinterest about me, yet I know she's hung up on Carter. Did she even look at my face? Why have him when she can have me?

I put my keys in the slot and drove to school. It was then when I saw Carter. What the heck was he doing here? I ignored him, but then I saw Andy. She was smiling at Carter.

I smirked. I drove up right behind her and then honked the fucking life out of the goddamn horn. She shrieked and jumped. She turned around and behind her, Carter was frowning in disappointment. My smirk turned into a scowl. If Carter liked her, how was I supposed to get close to her? I was interrupted from my thoughts as a very angry blonde banged on my window. I slowly rolled down my window, just to piss her off.

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