What Video Games They Play With You (Bucci gang)

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Okay fun fact, I'm pretty sure golden wind takes place in 2001. But as Thanos once said: "Reality can be whatever I want". (Edited 1-31-20) (Edited and added Bruno and Abbacchio! 2-9-20)

- F̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶
-Plays survival but cheats through creative mode probably
- but he wants to try to make it to the end with you, without creative mode
- Hence starts your brand new survival world
- Whenever y'all go mining he pushes you into the ravine or lava most of the time
- You're probably the one who builds your house, but hey, he gets supplies for you
- When you're online/around he steals your stuff sometimes and replaces it later on (most of the time)
- protects you from mobs, even he dies 90% of the time
- sometimes when your not online he'll get some items you need and place it in your chest for when you come back just to see you happy 🥺🥺
- Also would likes to say, you know that YouTuber that purposely chooses the wrong options in games? Yeah, that's Narancia except sometimes he actually tries and still makes horrible options
Alternative game: Pokémon , Super Smash Bros, Splatoon

- F̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶
- Overwatch!
- Probably plays as solider 76 or a gunfighters obviously
- You guys are honestly a power couple, unstoppable when on the same team he works so well with you
- But if you're on different teams, he's not going easy on you
- Unless you're in a bad mood of course! He lets win to see you get excited over it
- if you don't know how to play he would gladly teach you!
- just imagine a rainy day when you're both not busy, cuddled up on the couch and playing video games is just so 🥺 💕
Alternative games: Gmod (you two screw around A LOT in that game, many funny inside jokes from it) and Super Smash Bros

- I saw someone else say the same thing and I was so happy, it's currently my favorite game
- You guys play Town of Salem!
- His favorite roles are probably, forger, vigilante, or spy
- If you let him know your role he'll try his best to help you... Unless you're an evil role and he's a townie, vice versa
- prepare for the rage if he dies night 1 or gets lynched when he's a townie, especially if an executioner pushed it
- you two have matching names, of course!! It comes to point where some players know who you are since you commonly play it together.
- if he's a town protective and you're a good role you best believe he's gonna protect you most nights
- really good at lying and making his will look legit, even when he's an evil role, he can even fool smart jailors. Which is rare (some jailors have no chill and exe you even though your confirmed-)
Alternative games: Ace Attorney, Monument Valley

- Also saw someone say this as well, but you guys play Stardew Valley
- You two have the cutest farm ever, aesthetically decorated with mods that make everything 100 times cuter and amazing. Although he can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the Pam Scarecrows mod you put in.
- gets a little jealous when you try romancing a character but let's you do you, it's just a game
- but! Instead of marrying another character he proposes to you in game (it's actually an option!)
- and you're just like 👀 you suggesting something, Gio?
- anyways!
- really good on keeping track on fixing community center, he really likes the junimos he sees them as almost like stands? Something only you can see and they kinda remind him of Mista's Sex Bullets
- makes it a personal goal of his to find all the secrets in the game
- Spring and Summer are his favorite seasons in game
- Doesn't like Pam, at all, for pretty obvious reasons.
Alternative game: Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles (beautiful game! 100/10, it's not multiplayer but it's definitely something he'll play by himself)

- I can see him liking something simple that he can do in his spare time, that, or something like the choose your story games (no not like EPISODE— 💀) I'm saying something like Until Dawn.
- But you would have to be the one to introduce him to it honestly, you could be stuck on a part and he would just ask if he could give it a try! Eventually he just ends up loving it.
- Sometimes you watch him get oddly, really into the storyline and taking his time in choices. He likes having control of what he does.
- Although he does ask for your opinion on choices. Whenever your playing a game like that by yourself, catch him peeking over your shoulder telling you what seems like a good option.
Alternative game: help,,, I can't stop thinking he unironically plays Episode,,,

- He likes those choose your story type games too but with the horror aspect (so a game like Until Dawn as well) you cant tell me he can't play a horror game with a STRAIGHT FACE the entire time, he's your go-to for whenever you get to nervous and hand the controller to him, he doesn't play video games like at all but for you he'll scoff then  give it a try (a nice guy)
- A game like When the Darkness Comes is one of his personal favorites. You caught him slightly jump at that game though, and that's the only time you caught him somewhat spooked
-  Doesn't play much with you, let alone multiplayer games but like Bruno he sometimes looks over your shoulder to watch what your playing
Alternative game: We Happy Few

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