Phantom On Action

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Kara is in her office. To be honest, The Phantom is in her office, working relentlessly on the pail of paperwork on his desk. He normally doesn't appear while Kara is in the mansion but today is a special day. When he heard the familiar footsteps approaching, The Phantom neatly put on his pen. The side of his lip curled up a little.

It has been awhile.

There was no need for May to knock. She pushes the door open. Her eyes locked with The Phantom. Her expression softens a little when she realized the one on the desk is The Phantom. He keeps his gaze on the Chinese girl. Both of them have the knowing smirk on their face.

"Hello there, finally decided to see if I'm alive or not, love?", he teased.

May merely rolled her eyes.

"Aye, I was just wondering if you have left any inheritance for me."

She answered with a grin. The Phantom chuckled a little. He really loves this girl. He really does and it's concerning him.

The Phantom groan quietly as he gets up from his seat.

"I'm sorry about what happened. Everything was Kara's decision. I have no option but to follow through.", he says.

"I know, I know... You would never do that."

Hearing her answer, The Phantom unbutton the sleeves of his shirt, he then carefully roll his sleeves up.

May takes this as a sign for her to come closer.

When the Chinese girl was close enough, The Phantom grabs May by her waist and pull her closer. The way his girl smirk instead of blushing red humour his heart. He cherishes her cheek slowly with his thumb.

"Your eyes are beautiful, don't hide them.", he demands as he gently removes the eye patch on her face.

May Xiao Bin was born with two different eye colour. The colour of her right eye is brown while the colour of her left eye is blue. She often hides her left eye. It is uncommon for an Asian to a blue eye. Her condition is very rare. There are some people who dare to call her eyes cursed but there is no one who called her eyes beautiful. That is until The Phantom comes into her life.

When May tried to look away from him, The Phantom put his thumb below her chin and his index finger slightly crooked on her chin. He turns her face toward him. He makes sure to look deep into her eyes before resting their forehead together.

"I really miss you."

The Phantom confessed. His dark plain blue eyes show a little spark of emotion. A very rare view. One that is reserved for May Xiao Bin only.

"I miss you too."

May made the first move. She crashed her lips against the lips of her beloved. He kisses her back immediately. Both of them savour every sensation of their touch. The way their heart is filled with a warm feeling of fulfilment whenever their skin brush against each other. At last, they finally feel whole again in each other's embrace. It had been awhile. It has really been awhile.

May is not surprised when she felt The Phantom's hands starting to undress her. Feeling the rush to feel the warmness of their naked skin rub against each other, May started to undress him too. She gently undid the neat knot of his tie. Unbuttoning his dark navy vest as The Phantom carefully unzip the back of her dress.

"How long do we have before your minion come?", he asked with his eyes turning dark as they are filled with lustful desire.

"30 minutes-"

She was cut off with another passionate kiss from her beloved. His mouth is warm, the caress of his lips is softer than what she had remembered. When he stops and look at her in the eyes, May can feel his heartbeat, beating so fast... Or is it her heartbeat? The girl can't really tell.

"KARA!!", a sudden voice caught them by surprise.

Lena Luthor, the lady of the house is looking at her wife in disbelief. How can Kara do this to her? How can Kara betray their love like this?

What hurts the brunette the most is there is no guilt on the blonde's face. Her face was emotionless.

"Oh, you."

The Phantom said in an unamused tone. Sensing the awkwardness in the room, May takes her hand off her beloved.

"Umm... I should go.", she declared.

A firm hand on her wrist stopped the Chinese girl. The Phantom is looking at her with that famous unreadable expression.

"No, you stay."

He then turns to look at Lena.

"You go."

His words are filled with the venom of authority. To him, Lena is just another human being in his life. There is no need for him to treasure Lena Luthor. Not when he has May.

Tears are treating to fall down Lena's face. Is that how it is? Her wife is choosing the ex-fiance above her. Biting the inside of her cheeks, Lena lifts her chin up. She straightens her back.

To spare the little pride she has left, Lena Luthor leaves the room without shedding a single tear.

Guilt is burdening her shoulders as May watched the lady of the house walk away from the scene. It occurs to her that Lena has no idea of the existence of The Phantom inside her wife.


Okay, I did warn you angst is coming... Sorry, sorry for the late updates. I was busy with this short photograph course. How are you guys? Okay? Still alive? Barely there? Cheer up 😊

Random fact: Cows have best friends and they spend most of their time together.

Glad to know at least the cows have besties...



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