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The days went on and the two boys seemed to fall into a routine. Akaashi would wait outside for Bokuto to walk to school together. The raven haired boy would always bring some extra food for Bokuto at lunch, not to his knowledge of course, and then they would spend their free period together.

For the first time in years, Akaashi's days didn't seem to move in slow motion, with him just repeating the steps. He would find himself too excited to sleep some nights just because he knew he had something planned to do the next day. Not only was he happy, but so was his mom. She elated to see her son having fun and enjoy life a little more and do all the normal teenager things. It was such a relief for her.

Maybe things were settling down.


Bokuto sat across from Akaashi in the library, drawing little boxes on his homework while the younger boy finished his own assignments.

"Sooo, I have a volleyball game tonight annnndd, I was wanting to know if you would come?" Bokuto asked, slightly pulling Akaashi's work away from him to get his attention. He set his pencil down and and looked up to meet Bokuto's gaze. His eyebrows were raised slightly and was very intent on getting an answer out of the younger boy.

"um, ... sure," Akaashi answered, causing the older boy to immediately smile.
"Great! It's here in the gym. It should be a good game, the team we're playing is pretty tough but I'm really excited for it."

Akaashi smiled at this, It was amusing at how happy Bokuto would get, even over the smallest of things. Just the other day while walking home he jumped up and slapped a road sign and was incredibly pleased with himself. It was just silly little things that he would do, but Akaashi enjoyed them. It made Bokuto that much more of an amazing person, how he could turn any situation into a light hearted one.

Akaashi pulled his worksheet back in front of him and jotted down the answers to the last couple of problems, then put the sheet into his notebook. He looked up to see Bokuto continuing to struggle on his math homework.

"Here, let me help," Akaashi slid the older boys work in front of him and looked to see what the material was on. Bokuto got up and relocated himself beside Akaashi so he could see what was going on. Bokuto placed his hand on the back of Akaashi's chair, slightly brushing over the younger boys shoulders. Akaashi could feel his cheeks heat up and pretended to adjust his hair to hide his embarrassment. He did his best to explain the material and ignore how Bokuto's leg was pressed against his, or how he could feel his arm on the back of his chair.

Stop being so stupid! Quit thinking about it!

Just the couple of minutes that it took to help Bokuto, we're probably the longest minutes of Akaashi's life. His leg was bouncing rapidly under the table and his palms were sweaty. He wiped them on his jeans. Thankfully Bokuto turned away from Akaashi and to his work.

I shouldn't be getting so worked up over something so insignificant.


The school day ended and Akaashi walked home alone. On days that Bokuto didn't have practice or a game, he would walk with him as well.

Once Akaashi arrived home he checked on his mother who was still sleeping. She had to work overtime because one of her coworkers had an emergency to attend to. He moved through the house quietly, being sure not to disturb her in her slumber. Akaashi went upstairs quickly and slipped into his room. He settled down and did his homework. There was about two hours until the boys volleyball team would play, so he had plenty of time to get not only his homework done but his chores.

Akaashi hadn't gone to one of his school's volleyball games before but Bokuto had told him plenty about the team. Apparently they were pretty good, which Akaashi didn't doubt seeing that Bokuto was not one to typically lie about things.

After completing all of his tasks and mindlessly straightening up his room, Akaashi left a note so his mother would know his whereabouts and left the house.

When he arrived to the gym the girls team were just finishing up their game and he decided to sit in the bleachers towards the top. He didn't recognize the other school at all but they had brought a decent sized crowd with them.  He took a look at the score board and noticed that his school was winning but only by a couple points.

Akaashi watched the last few minutes of the girls game and then looked through his phone just to pass time until the boys started playing. How long did volleyball games tend to last anyways? He had gone to a few in middle school but he couldn't really remember.

However, he did like sports...kinda. He just never really went out of his way to learn more about them for his own curiosity, but Bokuto's invite to watch him play wasn't one Akaashi could refuse.

The sound of volleyballs hitting the gym floor caused the raven haired boy to look up. The teams were doing their warm up drills. Akaashi scanned the floor for Bokuto and found him kneeled, tying one of his shoes. He had to keep himself from laughing, mainly because it took the older boy two tries to get it tied. When he was done he stood up and scanned the crowd until his eyes landed on Akaashi and waved. The younger boy gave a small wave back, slightly embarrassed because a couple had turned around trying to figure out who Bokuto had been waving to.

The game started and went really well. Akaashi managed to keep up with most of what was going on which impressed himself. What was more impressive was how good Bokuto was, he was unaware of exactly how skilled he was.

After what seemed like a couple minutes the game was over, people began leaving the bleachers so Akaashi did them same and then just kinda stood there on the floor, unsure of what he was supposed to do now. The teams finished talking and the players dispersed, Bokuto found and made his way to the slightly awkward boy.

Bokuto smiled, "Thanks for coming! Did you see that one thing I did?" This wasn't specific at all and Akaashi wasn't completely sure which thing he was referring to, but none the less understood Bokuto's excitement.
"I did, you played great," Akaashi said and Bokuto responded with a proud smile. "Thanks," Bokuto bashfully looked at something other than his friend," but um, I have to help clean up everything but we can walk together when I'm done if that's cool?" Akaashi nodded and the other boy was off to clean up.

After about fifteen minutes they left and headed towards there neighborhood making small talk before stopping in front of Akaashi's house.
"Um, this Saturday some of my teammates are gonna come over and spend the night, and I wanted to invite you as well, if you want to come," the taller boy scratched the neck or his neck and stuff the other hand in his pocket.

Akaashi nodded, "sure, I'll come just text me and let me know when I should come."
He honestly didn't actually like the idea of hanging out with other guys that he didn't know but he felt saying no would be rude.
"I will! Well, I'll see you tomorrow then I guess?"
"Yeah", Akaashi laughed lightly "Goodnight, Bokuto-san".

"Goodnight, Akaashi".


so we just gonna pretend i didn't go MIA for a couple months hahahhaha anyways....

just kinda ignore the school logistics we're not gonna get all technical about everything lol

but these past few months have been absolutely crazy so i apologize for the super late update

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