fourteen. piece by piece

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chapter fourteen. piece by piece

         ANXIOUS AND TERRIFIED couldn't even begin to describe how Cindy Ortega felt

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ANXIOUS AND TERRIFIED couldn't even begin to describe how Cindy Ortega felt. The straps of her backpack bunched in the center of her fists, face warm from the anxiety and heart hammering outside of her chest. The wooden door before her practically staring her down, as if it was saying 'please just knock already.' How long she had sat outside the small door before she decided to finally raise her shaky hands to knock on it, she wasn't sure. But it was enough to draw wondering stares from the next door neighbors.

But who could blame the girl. She was seeing someone for the first time in five years, someone who she'd once been so close to, someone who now felt like a complete stranger. Someone who wasn't even expecting her arrival. The reminder that her older sister wasn't expecting her made her heart pick up pace, a hundred 'what if' questions buzzing through her head. What if she didn't want her there? What if she made her leave? What if her idea was terrible and was bound for failure?

       Cindy almost turned her back to the small house right then and there.

But the overwhelming idea of reuniting with her sister and best friend initiated her fight or flight and sent her fist bounding for the door, knocking against the door. The churning in her stomach was relentless, not even when the door before her swung open did her stomach settle.

Similar chocolate brown eyes, meeting the other, both at a loss for words.


       If someone had asked Carly Ortega five years ago what her life would look like, she would have told you that everything would be the same. She had never expected so much change to happen in her life, she had always expected her life to follow the same smooth, straight path. Until Logan came around.

       Her first boyfriend and the love of her life, or what she thought of love and life. He waltzed into her life, in all of his glory, perfect smile and perfectly charming. Carly had never been someone to be completely trusting of anyone and it kind of scared her how much trust she put in Logan. Carly thought they were going to get married. Until he started acting different. His entire attitude changed, becoming moodier, angrier, his usual charm a facade now. But nonetheless she stayed with him and he showed her reality. The real, dark, twisted side of life. And truth be told, he scared her but life scared her more. She became afraid of being suffocated by her childhood home, of never doing something with her life, of living her previous dream of taking the smooth, straight path. And so she ran. From home, from her fears, from her family. And it was probably the worst decision she ever made.

Eyes shifting towards her little sister, so grown from the last time she had seen her, and so much more wiser than she had been. Carly realized that she had missed out on the best thing, Cindy. Her heart sunk a bit as she realized how lost and confused her little sister must have felt and how hurt she must have been and how angry she must be now.

Breaking the deafening silence that had poured over them, Carly places a comforting hand atop of Cindy's, "I know you're probably mad at me but I want you to know it wasn't your fault. Not even close."

Cindy looked up, her lips dipping into a frown, "Carly, Im not .. i'm not angry, I mean I was but i'm not anymore. I really just want to be as close as we use to be."

Carly felt relief wash over her. She spent years imagining her sister being angry with her but now the weight was taken away as the words left her lips that she wanted nothing more than to be close again.

"So tell me everything." A huge grin was shared between the sisters, Cindy having missed spilling all the gossip to her sister and Carly having missed hearing all of it.

・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.

If you had asked Cindy and Carly what their relationship would be like five years from then, they would have told you indestructible. The pair would have had no doubt in their minds that even years later, through boys and hormones and high school years, they would still be just as close as they had always been. And they would have been half right.

Though the hours they'd spent together that night had made them closer than they were, the pair still had some healing to do. The both of them.

         Cindy found the reassurance she needed and the clarity for why her sister left. Carly found relief in her sisters stories, ones of her teenage years, ones that reassured her that she hadn't ruined her childhood.

            Carly had found a small apartment in Maryland, close to her job at a local coffee shop but also close enough to the small university she was attending to try and receive her teaching degree. Cindy was proud of her sister but she felt a pang in her chest realizing her sister found the life she ran away for. No, she wasn't mad but Cindy wasn't sure she'd be able to heal so quickly from the scar her sisters disappearance had left.

"Does mom know you're here?" Cindy's soft smile immediately dropped at the thought of her poor mother, who'd lost her daughter. But Cindy knew the guilt that was already chipping away at her sisters heart and she didn't need a reminder that she'd hurt the ones she loved. So Cindy just looked towards her feet and sheepishly admitted, "No, uh, she thinks im at the decathlon."

"I thought Blair made you quit?"

            "Uh, yea she did. But I rejoined ... because it looks great for school." Cindy hoped her sister hadn't remembered how bad of a liar she was. The teen didn't want to admit she'd rejoined a dumb high school club to sneak out and see her sister, even if it was a sweet gesture.

             Luckily Carly seemed oblivious to her sisters white lie and quickly moved on, "So whos Peter?"

               Cindy hadn't realized that she'd slipped his name, 'several times' according to Carly, into their short conversation over the phone. The dark haired girls cheeks grew warm as she spoke of the boy and their complicated reality. And slowly with each word, Cindy felt her crushed heart began to mend ... piece by piece.

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this chapter is so rushed and gross and ew. but it's there and i don't feel like fixing it :)))))

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