Chapter 31

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Faith Pov

I woke up and got ready for the day. Today is an exciting day since my dad is meeting my boyfriend Jonah for the first time. I hope he can make it if not dad is just gonna be disappointed and that is already a bad start to this relationship.  I call him as his phones starts to ring, he answered the third ring.

"Hey babe..Sup."

"So you know how my dad doesn't know about us?"


He sounded unsure and scared. I know his my boyfriend and all but he is scared of my dad, I mean have you seen my dad's face? He doesn't smile to none of my friends accept to Olivia. Sometimes I always wonder, maybe that's why I don't have much friends. 

"He found out about us.."

"WHAT! HOW? IS HE GONNA KILL ME? ARE YOU GONNA BREAK UP WITH ME? I love you, please don't leave me,"

He started panicking. I giggles softly, he is so sweet. I'm so lucky.

"No silly, you first need to come down, none of those are even happening."

"Huh? What do you mean? You said he is against this boyfriend stuff, so that means his gonna kill me right?"

" Well first, he found out yesterday when he picked me up after school and caught us kissing."


"I thought I was gonna get disowned for second but he actually told me to invite you for dinner tonight. You're free right?"

"Of course I'm free babe. And wow I had never expected that from your dad."

"Well his an amazing dad if you get to know him."

"Awww. I'm kinda nervous babe. What should I wear? Do you think he will like me? What if he hates me? I hope you know i'm not leaving you even if he doesn't support our relationship."

"Babe. I want you to calm the fuck down and just be normal you and stop having negative thoughts. Okay? I believe that you are gonna do good and he will approve. My dad not that bad."

He let go a deep breathe and it was silent for a while.


"I love you Faith."

I smiled wide. 

" I love you too Jonah. See you soon."


I  was helping my mom set the table. My dad taking a shower and my siblings aren't here. They are at their friends house. They only be back after this dinner. I was wearing a black,grey sweater with some blue jeans. 

Mom looked excited and I was just nervous. Mom looked at me and smile

"You excited honey?"

"Yea......just nervous at the same time." 

My mom smiled and gave me a warm hug and said

"Everything is gonna great baby. Don't worry. Dad is just being dad."

I giggled and hugged my mom back

"Thanks mom."

A while later dad came down wearing ripped jeans and a hoddie. I always wonder like my parents are like getting old but their style is just fire. I was sitting on the couch having weird thoughts when the door bell rang. 

"I'll get it."

I told my parents and walked to the door and opened it revealing my handsome boyfriend in a button up shirt and some black jeans. He got two bouquet of flowers. He kissed my cheek and gave me the red roses. I smiled. 

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