Part One

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Rodger smacked his lips, the sound ricocheting off of the walls beside the sidewalk. The girl in front of him jumped, but only a fraction, enough so that he wouldn't have noticed if he weren't looking for that exact reaction. He grinned to himself, a grin that extended to the corners of his face. This was the beginning of the chase. His heart began to race, and he clenched his palms every few seconds. It was this part he most looked forward to. Those few moments before the action began, the part where the excitement built up, bit by bit, the girl's panic intoxicatingly graspable as she began to realize what was happening. She looked behind her briefly, right into Rodger's eyes, and kept walking. This was the second stage. She knew he was following her. And yet she wouldn't run, or even increase her speed. Not yet, in case she was mistaken. Of course, she wasn't, and she must know that, at least subconsciously. However, she also knew that there was more of a chance that he was merely going the same way as her than reality. So, like they all did, for now she decided to keep herself delusional.

 'Is he still following me?' was what she must be wondering right now. She peered at him again, as sneakily as she could. Rodger flashed her a confused look, as though he couldn't figure out why she kept on sneaking glances at him. If she had held the gaze just a bit more she would have seen Rodger's eyes narrow as his grin grew again to touch them. Rodger licked his lips, and soaked in the bright moonlight that seeped into him. Ah, more lovely than the sun, he thought to himself in a content hum.

                His footsteps followed the girl's exactly, measured and even. Rodger could practically smell her nervousness. He shivered in delight. Soon the chase would begin. The girl's steps were a little faster now. Time to get home, he taunted her in his head. It's getting late and monsters are lurking. The streets, wide and safe looking, seemed like the unlikely place a murderer would lurk. But Rodger knew that in fact these buildings were empty at night. Completely deserted. There was no-one to hear her scream. Rodger admired the street lamps, and stalked the girl, step by step. He wouldn't strike. Not yet. Not until she knew. Not until she initiated the chase, and he would kill her only when he had fairly caught her. Those were the rules of the hunt. They made the hunt so much more delicious. Rodger smacked his lips again, only to unnerve her. She was a stubborn one, but that would make it all the more thrilling. Rodger's heart was pounding as though he was on the run already. His nostrils flared.

                He could somehow sense the girl's nervousness-he always had a gift for sensing peoples' state of mind. She was starting to contemplate how far her home was. And wonder when he was going to take his turn, or reach his car. Rodger chuckled under his breath, which turned to frost before his very eyes. This excited him, for there was nothing more beautiful than warm blood on an especially cold night. This was going to be a spectacular hunt indeed.

                "I'm going to kill you." Rodger sung in a whisper. Did she hear him? Part of him hoped she did.

                But no, she didn't panic. He needed to entice her into it. Seduce her into that wonderful dance. Rodger flicked a dagger out of his pocket, resting it in his hand.

                Perfect-the flash of metal caught her attention. Obviously she had been watching him from the corner of her eye. All politeness forgotten, she turned around to look at him. Her attention shifted to the knife in his hand, barely visible yet all too visible to her. Her eyes widened, and looked up into his face. He beamed at her, a murderous and savage smirk that said everything and more than he could express into words. Her mouth comically dropped open and this time Rodger didn't bother to hide his sinister chuckle. The girl, brunette hair that appeared almost amber in the moon, tipped back a few steps.

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