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•{ Tori's POV }•

After my shower I walk out and see Luca standing near my bed.

"Are you trying to make this a habit?" I ask

"Possibly." Luca answers simply then he goes on to ask "Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"

"Um where is this coming from?" I ask

He smiles a breath taking smile then says
"I've found you beautiful since the moment my eyes laid on you. I've found you respectable and brave since you stood in front of my mother proudly calling her your family only knowing her a day...Everything about you surprises me and I want to know more. I want you and I always go after what I want."

"Okay then." I answer

"Ok?" Luca questions with an eyebrow raised

"I'll go on a date but just this once only because your speech was so convincing." I say with a teasing smile which he returns

He walks to the door then turns around and says "I'll see you tonight at seven."

"Where are we going?" I ask

"One of my favorite places." He replies

"I need to know what to wear." I say

"If it helps I'm wearing a dress shirt and dress pants." Luca says

"It'll help. Thanks." I say as he smiles with a nod and walks out the door.

I immediately call downstairs and ask for Greta. I need help. I'm not good at dates.


Greta just walked into my room with me a Pepsi because I clearly have an addiction with them. It's really unhealthy.

"You said it was important..should I go get Mrs. Elena or maybe Mrs. Angelina? Are you feeling well?" Greta asks seeming concerned

"I'm feeling fine and no please do not call them. I haven't known them for long but I don't think they would handle this news in a calmly...and well I need calm." I reply

"What is the news? Are you pregnant?"
Greta asks raising an eyebrow

"No of course. Why would I be pregnant?"
I question

"House full of handsome men including who I've heard is your ex Mr. Alexander."
Greta says like it would be obvious

"Well I'm not pregnant and while we are on the subject I haven't slept with or kissed anyone in this house outside of Alex and that a while ago. I'm single...but I do have a date." I explain

"Oh. Who's your date?" Greta asks with a smile

"That was my news and what I need help with...it's Luca." I answer

"I knew you two were made for each other ever since I started observing you." Greta says

"No one said we were made for each other.."
I say

"Well I did...and I'm normally right about these things. We'll just have to wait it out and see." Greta replies with a teasing smile like she knows something I don't

"Can you help me get ready? I don't have any idea of where we are going and I want to be dressed appropriately." I tell her honestly

"Tori, dear you don't have to ask. I'll be honored as always." Greta says with smile

"Also I'm freaking out a bit. I don't do well on dates. Which is why I needed someone calm like you to help me. My mother use to say I could handle anything but a real date." I say

"Why does a date make you so nervous?"
Greta asks

"I don't know. It makes me feel awkward and I don't do well with awkwardness." I tell her

Greta grabs my hands in hers and says "I have a feeling it won't be awkward. I don't even think you will feel awkward. Just calm down and trust me. This won't be just a normal date."

"It won't?" I ask

"No trust me, my dear. I've never been so sure of anything before." Greta says seriously

I just nod and give her a slight smile.

"Now you go sit on the bed and I'll pick out a suitable outfit for you to wear." Greta says

"Why do I feel like you are having fun with this?" I ask

"Because it feels like I'm a little girl again playing dolls only this time a real life one.."
Greta says chuckling at her self

"You must enjoy fashion.." I say

"I always have. I wanted to work in the fashion industry growing up but I ended up having a job here like my mother did before me."
Greta explains

"Alex's aunt is a fashion designer in New York and I worked for her as her main assistant. I loved her and even the job but it wasn't what I had originally wanted either. I had wanted to be a fashion designer. I love fashion and I'm good at it but on things like this I just panic."
I explain to her

"I think you would've been a great fashion designer based on your clothes but I'm happy you ended up here and I'll always be ready to help you." Greta says

"I'm glad I'm here too..and thank you for everything." I tell her and she gives me a smile


Greta picked out my clothes and got them ready while I did my hair and makeup.

I am getting anxious to find out where we are going and how it's going to turn out...

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