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Kakyoin's POV:
Oh no! Im late for work! My boss is going to kill me! I was rushing for the bus but i waited for 15 mins and none was seen.I guess i just have to run,it would probably take about 10 mins.I wasn't focusing on where i was going until i bumped into a big buff tall guy,im about just a few centimeters shorter than him."Oops! Sorry!" I looked into his eyes and he stared at me."Yes?" i asked,i thought he was pretty weird.He stared at me like i was his lover or something it was so weird."You...look like someone...nevermind,its not possible,probably just someone that looks like him" the guy said then just walked away.For some reason,he looked sad.Oh well,I FORGOT I WAS LATE FOR WORK! EEEKKK!

Jotaro's POV:
Someone that looked like Kakyoin just bumped into me.I thought it was him.Maybe it was just my imagination.Im starting to think about him again,UGH stop it Jotaro you know that reincarnation is not true unless i actually meet Kakyoin again.Life has been harder for me each time i thought of him,the more i did,the more i missed him.I don't know what to do anymore.All i can do is stare at the picture of us 6 that we took 2 years ago.I really missed him,i still cant forget about what his last words were before he died.I loved you too you know? But you left me like this,life was hard thinking about you it would have been easier if you were still alive.Crying to bed every night since your death is not my style...

Kakyoin's POV:
Im starting to get weird vibes,i can't remember where i met that guy from he looked really really familiar.I just can't remember where i met him from.The whole day at work i can't stop thinking about him.For some reason...I need to see him again!! I walked out of my work company and looked around for him.I continued to walk till i saw him smoking outside staring at a picture and crying.Who is he? Why is he so weird??? "Hello?" I shooked my hand in front of his face non-stop till he slapped it away."Stop,can't you see im busy?" he wiped his tears away and looked into my eyes as if nothing happened."Hey...you aren't dead,are you?" this line suddenly rang in my ear.I froze for awhile when he tapped my shoulder."Hello?" He said as i realised that ,that was the exact same voice that rang in my ear.What am i talking about? There are many different people in the world with the same voice as him.haiz...why do i keep imagining things,this is weird. I need to ask him some questions,but just what?!

Hey guysss whats do you think Kakyoin will ask Jotaro to make him spill the beans? Sorry im not so good at making fanfictions this is just really random but thank you to all of you who reads it! Really appreciate thank you for supporting love you all!!❤️❤️❤️

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