Chapter FiftyFive- Dance Till You're Dead...Or Alive

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Chapter FiftyFive- Dance Till You're Dead...Or Alive

August 3rd: Waning Gibbous

    I don't know what was more startling. Amanda and Sadie suddenly fighting or the fact that Zac had been knocked out from Sadie pretty much falling out of the sky. Given it all would have been a lot more hilarious if it weren't dulled by Anna getting killed, but in a battle like this we needed to move on quickly. Although, all I could really see was Willow's ashen face staring up at me. 

    For a brief moment I thought about what we'd have to tell Willow and her father. A woman, so hell bent on keeping her daughter was killed in a battle that wasn't even her own. It sickened me now to think that we'd had to get these people involved, but they were at high risk of dying. Anna was a great example of it, her dead form already casting a dark shadow over me. 

    "Shit, move Ren!" yelled Joseph. He drug me away from Anna and down the hill where Simone and Jade came back into view. 

    Everything inside me stopped as I took in Simone's limp figure, her skin so white and frail-looking that I was worried my gaze would break her. I knew she wasn't dead yet though considering her chest was still moving up and down, but that didn't mean she had any chance left. Every movement of her body screamed death and I knew it was coming much too soon. Her eyes were beginning to flutter unnaturally and as I kept staring, tears slowly ran down her face. 

    "I wish Sadie would find some other place to fight with Amanda," grumbled Haden who'd come to stand next to me. "We can't deal with this right now."

    Apparently he had yet to notice the scene I'd already come in contact with, making it even harder for me to concetrate. With the battle raging around me and the shouts of Sadie and Amanda, it was a wonder I hadn't come back to my senses. However, after seeing Anna die so cruelly and suddenly, having to watch Simone die too was starting to take a heavy toll on me. 

    Someone tapped hard on my shoulder and when I didn't respond they took matters into their own hands. Joseph grabbed above my arm and began towing me away from the scene and away from the raging battle between Sadie and Amanda. Everything was starting to go blank in my mind though, sending my head into a whirl. 

    "Yo Ren, snap out of it!" Joseph said. Beside him Haden snapped his fingers in front of my face as a fire ball landed nearly ten feet away from his back. "This seriously isn't the time to be going into shut down mode. We've got to help Sadie here..."

    "Is Simone dying?" I choked out, my voice not sounding like my own. 

    Joseph and Haden didn't need to say anything. I could see it all right on there faces as they tried to do anything but look into my eyes. So, Simone was dying while Sadie and Amanda faught. It was great that soon that would be able to end, but it was so challenging to wrap my head around the fact that Simone wouldn't be around anymore. She was going to die and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. 

    "Why is it that we need another person to die just to bring someone back? It's not right!"

    Joseph and Haden exchanged a look, staring back at me a moment later. "Ren, you need to calm down. Everything is going to be okay."

     "No it's not!"

    After screaming this it was as if everything in the area had changed. A chill rang through the air and all of our heads whipped in the direction of Simone and Jade. As I stared I saw Simone draw her last breath, the air sucking into her lungs rapid and labored. Her eyes shot open wide as she looked at anything she could before all life left her body. 

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