My Minecraft Journey (#JustWriteIt Story)

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"But it's only his TARDIS Herobrine's guarding, but why not mines?" said a young girl. "Hey yeah, and about my Doctor Who map?" said by a boy. "That's not important now!" yelled Honeydew, "The most important thing we need to worry about is how he got here from the Nether? When Honeydew said that Herobrine got out the Nether my heart sunk. "Its...It's my entire fault he got through." I said sadly, and as soon as I said everyone turned towards me. "What do you mean, my friend?" asked Honeydew, "It's not your f..." "YES IT IS!" I yelled out furiously. "But how is your fault?" Toph asked, and I explained to them what happened. "While I was creating the TARDIS's rooms I decide to create a room in the Nether, so I build a Nether portal and went inside it. As I entered the Nether I came out of a portal I never seen before, and it wasn't manmade it was naturally created. I called it the "Nether TARDIS", and when I enter the Nether TARDIS I came out another regular Nether portal in a different location. So now you see, I my entire fault Herobrine was able to enter the Overworld." People looked at me like I wanted to help Herobrine like I was a terrorist to Minecraftia, but Toph somehow knew that I was innocent. "What I have a plan!" I said with a positive voice. "I just need to get Herobrine back into the Nether through the Nether TARDIS, and then destroy the portal!" "Why should we trust you?" said an Irish man, "You're the one that released Herobrine and you we should trust you?" I gave the Irish man a stern look, and said "Well, it's either you trust me, or you all die. Which is it then, mate?" Everyone turned and stared at the man, "FINE! We'll do it your way." said the Irishman. "Great!" I yelled with excitement, "So here's the plan..." Everyone huddled around while I explained them the plan. I was going undo my mistake and return Herobrine back to hell!

"Brilliant!" yelled Honeydew, "We'll set off at night fall." "No..." I replied, "If we go night we'll have to deal with the mobs, and what if we get ambush by Herobrine's minions?" I question Honeydew. Honeydew thought about it and answered "You're right, young traveler. We shall do at sun rise then." "Good!" I replied "We shall go in a group of four members, so who volunteers?" Nobody entered and I know way. Because they were frighten to be killed by Herobrine, and so was I. Suddenly, a soft girl voice interrupted the silence, and said "I'll join in on the journey." I went to see who that was, and to my surprise it was little Toph. "Are you sure you want go, Toph?" I asked her, and cried out with fury "Yes! Herobrine took away my family, and made me into an orphan!" "Well, if a little girl can step up face Herobrine then all of you should step up!" I shouted. "I'll volunteer to go on this journey!" said an old knight. "I also would like to go!" said by a young green hooded girl. "Great then!" yelled Honeydew, then another voice saying "Wait! I'm going with you." To my surprise, it was Xephos.

"Xephos! You're here too?!" I asked in shock, "Yes, I am Spaceman Xephos, and I demand to come along on this journey." Xephos demanded. "Of course, the more the merrier. "Ok then, we shall set off in the morn!" yelled Honeydew. Everyone cheered and shouted, and the group were escorted to their rooms to sleep. While we were sleeping, everyone was crafting us supplies for our journey to defeat the Hell-lord, Herobrine.

The day has finally come, were we set off to face the Minecraft Devil himself. We were given our supplies, when one of the people came to me. "Here, you'll need this." She said. What she have given me was a Sonic-Screwdriver same as the Tenth Doctor's. "How did you create this?" I asked, and she simply said "Its Minecraft! You can craft basically anything." I thanked her and walked back to the group to signal that we're ready. "Open the gates!" yelled the guard. "Opening the gates!" yelled back the gate keeper, and at that motion I actually wanted to turn back and quit the mission, but it was too late. As the gates began to open, we started walking out of the dwarvian fort of Khaz Modan. "So..." I said awkwardly, "Before we get ahead of our journey, we should know each other's names." The girl with the green hoodie went first. "My name Cupa Stevebane Astley and I am humanoid creeper girl. After Cupa it was the old knight's turn. "I am Verigan Antioch II, son of Verigan Antioch I." He explained, "But what is your name, friend?" I then remember that I never knew my name, so I basically said whatever I could think of. I said to them "I am Dave! (Exclamation mark) Yognau(gh)t and I have the balls!" They all laughed and Xephos asked me if that was my real name. I don't know if I was told them a lie because I didn't know my real name. "Yes, yes it is!' I said. "Ok Dave." said Xephos, "So where do we go?" "89 miles from here," I replied. "So what are waiting for?" said Verigan excitedly, "Let's go!" And so we set off to reunite me and my TARDIS, and sent Herobrine back from once he came. From this point I could tell that this journey will be the most epic journey in the lands of Minecraftia. The journey will be better than the Minecraft vs. Roblox war, or the Minecraft vs. Fortress Craft war. No, this journey will be out-matching all of those historical events, and it will be called "The Fall of Herobrine".

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