Chapter 1

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3 Years Later

"Elena get in here." Mr. Hawthorne's voice broke the silence of my office.

Who would have thought that I would have gotten the job 2 years ago. Yet, here I am. That day seemed almost surreal. I remember walking in there lost in the dark eyes of Mr. Hawthorne. He had lost his jacket and rolled his sleeves towards his elbows giving everyone a view of very nice forearms. Light blonde hair graced his strong forearms. Veins clearly visible. He clearly worked out. Also filling out his shirt quite nicely, broad shoulders. Blonde hair that seemed to have had fingers ran in it. He was gorgeous although I suspected he already knew that he held that power. He looked older than he was. Being in charge of an empire would do that to anyone. The beard he wore also helped in that department.

I, by some miracle, made it through the interview without melting into his hands when he looked deep into my eyes. Or his charming smile that would surely cause women to drop their panties at the sight of it. I think that day I fell a little in love with Mr. Hawthorne.

However, that crush ended pretty quickly after coming to work with Mr.Hawthorne.

Yeah, right you still feel butterflies every time he looks at you.

He was not at all what I expected. I had taken the role of being his assistant, mother, and maid all in one.

Go me.

"Coming." I buzz back before Mr. Hawthorne started yelling from his office. Which was conveniently right beside mine. Or should I say my small office was right to his so that he could barge in here every time he needed something. In the 2 years that I have worked for Mr. Hawthorne, I have learned a lot. Something that I wish I didn't.

Rising from my chair I head towards the door that connects our offices.

He was in the same position he was in when I first met him, but years older. I held on tight to my iPad ready to take notes.

Without looking up Daniel began to speak.

"I need you to pick up my dry cleaning today and leave them at the penthouse. I also need you to make a reservation at the restaurant Lily likes. I need you to confirm the meeting with Mr. Jones. The files I gave you yesterday I need them to be done by 5 this afternoon. Make copies of these, please," Pulling the sheet from a folder Mr. Hawthrone handed them to be before continuing. " That is all for now if I need you I will call you." This was his way of being dismissed.

I nodded even though he continues to examine the files in front of him. I step out of his office and walk back to mine. I know he did not ask for much, but after working for him for three years there are a few things I learned along the way.

It is only 2 on Friday.

He will most definitely find other things for me to do even if we had a slow day. Because he believed this there wasn't anything to do you are doing something wrong. When I first started he was hesitant to trust me. I was given simple tasks until I earned the right. From then Mr. Hawthrone would assist almost everything to me.

Taking a seat back in my office I got to make a reservation to the restaurant Lily liked.

Lily was Mr. Hawthrone's girlfriend. Although, Mr. Hawthrone did not claim her as such. So everyone in the office would simply call her his lady friend. The recording-breaking for 6 months. She was a beautiful redhead, natural. She wasn't very tall, but that did not diminish her at all. She was eye-catching even if she was wearing a sack as a dress.

No, I was not jealous, because I have no feelings for Mr. Hawthrone.

I wonder how long I will have to tell myself this before I finally believe it.

Leaning back in my chair, I take a deep breath before going to work.


I was right. Around 4ish O'clock Mr. Hawthrone buzzed me. Telling me to go over and have his penthouse prepared for his evening. When I stepped out for a quick snack break from the workroom. When I returned this were stacks of papers that I needed to work on.

I truly believe Mr. Hawthrone really did not want me to have a nice weekend.

I booked them a table for 2 at The Grove, Lily's favorite and Mr. Hawthrone had options to choose from. I started working on the papers Mr. Hawthrone placed on my desk. I called Mr. Jones, an older gentleman who always compliment me even without even getting a look at me. I knew that Mr. Hawthrone was going to wear the suits that I would pick up today. So I knew I had to hurry to drop them off.

I buzzed Mr. Hawthrone about reservations. "Your reservations are at The Grove at 8 o'clock," I tell him.

After I rushed out of the office and to the dry cleaner I found at a cheaper price after my first experience with the owners trying to rob be of 300 dollars extra.

Not a fan.

So I made it my job to find a cheaper place with the same quality. I found a mom-n-pop close to my home. In a rush, I enter the shop.

"Ellena, how are you, dear?" Mr. Edward the owner of the shop greeted me as I entered.

"Hi, Mr.Edward. I'm good, how are you?" I asked as I neared the counter.

"Good, dear. I'll get your things for you." Mr. Edward went towards the back as he when to gather my belongings. Walking back he places the three suits on the counter.

"The suits of her boss, young lady." Mr. Edwards states as I pull my wallet to pay for the suits. I smile at him for he now knows of the situation I am living in.

Work, running all over town and no life.

"You know me. I wish I could stay and talk but I have to run." I pay and thank Mr. Edward before running out of the shop. Getting into my car I speed off to Mr. Hawthrone's penthouse. I was quick to drop his suit off. Hanging them his bedroom closet, before speeding off back to the office.

I rushed back to my desk. Not taking notice of anything but my tasks. I looked at the sticky note on top of the papers telling of what I should do with them. I know for a fact that I was not going to be able to finish these by the end of today. There were too many to rush through them. I would get them done at home. I finished the papers he needed by 5 before. Checking my emails and Mr. Hawthrone's for any pending appointments. I finish setting Mr. Hawthrone's schedule for the upcoming week and then some. I called and emailed everyone who needed a response to a meeting with Mr. Hawthrone.

Around 6 Mr. Hawthrone headed out. Not a single good-bye, but I sure as hell did get an order to have the penthouse ready for tonight. I began to wonder why tonight was so special but quickly creased to do so. I had no business knowing.

Also, I did not want to get my heartbroken. Not that it should, since I have no feeling for Mr.Hawthorne. I try to convince myself.

Sighing, I leave a bit after Mr. Hawthrone. I stop at the flower shop to pick up Lily's favorite flowers, which also happen to be lilies go figure. I stop to buy a few candles and such.

On my way to Mr.Hawthorne, I continue to become detached. I have a school-girl crush on the popular guy at school, this will only end in pain. I remind myself.

I should not have feelings for a guy with a serious girlfriend, and to top it all off.

My boss.

I should not. 

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