Infusion by paulalexgray

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At the magistrate's command the silver walls shimmered and shifted. The translucent intellipolymer glass revealed a sweeping vista. Light spilled over the robotic assistants that swarmed around the client. Morgan Velt nodded his grizzled head and croaked a comment.

"At my first infusion this planet was a wasteland. And now look at it! Glory be to the human race."

"You have created a paradise for our people." Said the magistrate as he adjusted the controls.

A doorway opened and the clone was brought in. Naked and trembling he was half dragged by two guards. Blood dripped from his nose and his left eye was swollen and blackened. The magistrate gasped in surprise.

"What is this?" He shouted.

"Infusee put up a fight your honour. Had to subdue him."

"This is an outrage!" Hacked Morgan as a robot wiped blood from his lips. "My new body should be pristine, not beaten like a dog."

The clone stood and stared out to the room. Through his one good eye he marvelled at the sunlight outside, the first he had ever seen. Until now his existence had been in the depths of the building. Each day filled with demanding physical rigour designed to condition his body to the strongest possible level. And now, the clone knew his time was coming to an end. Today was his infusion, where his life would end and where the client's would begin anew.

The doctor beckoned to the medbed beside Morgan's. Above the jagged looking stamen of the Infusion device hung, a cable riddled needle that would at once wipe his consciousness from his mind and infuse the soul of Morgan.

"Magnificent." Said Morgan and the clone looked to him. He recognised himself in the withered face. A reflection through time.

"Well done magistrate. The specimen is perfect. Even if your guards were over zealous."

"We aim to please. We shall begin. We look forward to welcoming you into your new body."

"Excellent." He chuckled. "I look forward to celebrating my five hundredth. In this form I'll be able to enjoy it a lot more!"

The guards moved the clone forward, one of them barking a harsh command.

Outside in the sky above the clone watched for the sign. The clouds broiled and then he saw it. A streak of light and then a flash burnt high above.

In the room machines hummed into activity and pulsed with energy. As the guards unlocked his enerbinds the clone pretended to fall but spun around grabbing a scalpel with one hand and kicking the table up into one guard's face.

The clone leapt up and smashed his two hundred pounds of muscle into the guard who crumpled against the wall. As the second reached for his stunblade the clone swung out with the scalpel slitting his throat and sending a shower of blood out onto Morgan.

Alarm bells rang and the magistrate yelled for the clone to stop. The clone ran quickly up the stairs and threw the magistrate to the ground below with a sickening crunch.

Morgan screamed as the window exploded. Outside the fastship had used its cannon to blast a hole in the glass. Wind roared in and a doorway opened in the ship's side.

The clone watched in awe as his rescuers beckoned.

Morgan's voice hissed out. "Such insolence! You were made, not born. You have no freedom, no life. No soul. You are my vessel made anew!" He coughed and more blood spilled. "And you dare to defy us? We shall destroy you. All of you!"

The figure in the ship beckoned, making an urgent sign with his hands. The clone knew that the sentinels would soon rush in.

Walking to the old man, the clone tilted his head and reached out. With one hand he tenderly wiped the blood from the man's lips.

"Your time has been long and rich" intoned the clone "but you are well overdue."

Raising his fist high the clone smashed it into Morgan's chest feeling the brittle bones snap. The old man cried out in pain.

The heartbeat indicator began to spike erratically. With a smile the clone ran and leapt into the waiting fastship. As the sentinels burst in the fastship soared away, a flare of light in the morning sky.

The End


Dedicated to paulalexgreay, winner of Challenge 1 of the Science Fiction Contests here on the Science Fiction profile. paulalexgray is an Australian writer living in Canada. Magical realism, fantasy, and sci-fi are his main focus. 

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