hickey//e.d - pt4

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AN// hey loves, this is the fourth and final part of the hickey//e.d series :) i hope you like this one, and thank you to the person who gave me the request that started this whole series (: love you all xx enjoy <3

(third person pov)

"I don't want to go anywhere," Anne mumbled, fixing her sweatshirt. Ethan sighed. "Dad I have homework," She said.

"It's Saturday, do it tomorrow," He told her. "Please, princess just put on something nice?" He asked.

"Dad," She sighed. Ethan looked at her. "Okay, fine," She said, shaking her head.

She headed up the stairs and Ethan sat on the couch. "I'll go help her," Y/N said, squeezing him on the shoulder as she headed up the stairs.

Anne was down, minutes later in a nice dress and her hair up and out of her face, y/n right behind her.

"Okay?" Anne asked as she stood in front of Ethan. Ethan nodded and stood up. He grabbed his keys.

"Ready to go?" He asked. She sighed and didn't respond.

"What're we doing?" She asked as Ethan pulled out her chair.

She held her dress back and sat down as he pushed her in. "Showing you how you should be treated," He said, going to his own chair.

Anne sighed, propping her chin onto her palm as she looked at him, Ethan picking up the menu. "I'm still mad at you," She told him. Ethan looked up at his daughter, sighing.

"And I'm tryna make things better," He said. She shook her head. "What're you getting?" He asked her.

"What're you getting?" She asked. Ethan looked up at her and pointed at her closed menu. Anne sighed, picking it up. "What're my options?" She asked, flipping it open.

"Whatever you want," He said. Anne looked up eyebrows raised. This was new.

She decided to order a salad and some soup and telling Ethan before the waiter came, who took one glance at Anne and smirked.

It just gassed her up, really.

Ethan ordered for himself, not seeing the wink the waiter gave his daughter and looked up. "You got that?" Ethan asked. The waiter, whose name seemed to be Rick, according to his name tag, nodded and scribbled down E's order.

"What about for the lady?" Rick asked. Ethan frowned, sensing something was wrong from the way Anne was giggling.

"She'll have a shrimp salad with corn soup," Ethan said. Rick looked from Anne to Ethan as he spoke and nodded, scribbling it down.

"That's all?" He asked. Anne and Ethan nodded and Rick turned after another wink in Anne's direction.

"What the hell was that?" Ethan asked. Anne looked up at her dad and rolled her eyes. "Anne."

"Ethan." She giggled and fixed the hem of her dress. "He's cute okay? Leave me alone," She mumbled. Ethan raised his eyebrows.

"Don't you understand?" He asked. Anne looked up at him. "No boy is ever gonna treat you how you deserve," He told her. Anne rolled her eyes.

"You want me to be single forever?" She snapped. Ethan sighed and shook his head.

"Just want you to be safe," He said. Anne sighed and shook her head. "Anne, princess, you don't need a boyfriend right now," He said quietly.

"Everyone has a boyfriend! All my friends have boyfriends," She said, pointing a finger at him. "You don't understand dad," She sighed, shaking her head and picking up her phone.

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