How do I write a Logline?

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Here's how to build a logline. You'll want to include:
1) The Protagonist
2) The Protagonist's Goal
3) The Obstacle or Antagonist

The three don't have to be in that order, but if you include them all, the reader will have a good sense of your story.

Here is another formula to explore:
[Character Name] + a [Character Description] + has to [Action] + in order to [Result]

Using that formula, your logline would sound like this:
"[Cleopatra], a [zombified ruler of Egypt], has to [resist the temptation of eating Mark Antony too soon], in order to [keep the course of history the same].

You can also use this formula to build your logline:

Formula: [Protagonist] + [Action] + [Antagonist] + [Goal] + [Stake]

Using that formula, your logline would sound like this:

Star Wars
[Luke Skywalker, a boy raised on a farm,] [joins a strange monk to fight] [the evil Darth Vader] [and rescue a princess-turned-spy] [from certain death].

Fifty Shades of Grey
[Anastasia Steele, an innocent virgin,] [interviews a billionaire and the two start falling in love] [but Christian Grey is driven by dark sexual desires] [and Anna must free herself from her fears] [before she loses her one chance at at true love.]

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