Chapter 2

81 7 0

"--therefore when x is divided by 56.70 then subtracted from the first number the answer would be?"
"Anyone?" Our teacher; Mr. Whitmore asked.

"78.04" I said not looking up from my book.

"Correct again Alex" He smiled.

"So does everyone-"

He was interrupted by the classroom door opening.

I decided not to look up from by notes, assuming it was a common late student.
Until I heard multiple gasps and giggles coming from most girls in the classroom.

Including Sophia and also Jasmine who mumbled "Oh my God"

Looking up my breath hitched as I gazed at the most beautiful human I have ever seen.

I studied his features, from the tattoos on his muscular arm going up into the white t-shirt which he sported, to his dark washed jeans and combat boots.

'How could someone dress so effortless and still manage to look so hot?' I wondered

He stood there with a blank look on his chiseled face.

He ran his fingers through his hair and clenched his jaw which was so sharp that it could cut glass.

His blue-green eyes gazed around the class at the students and came to a stop on me for about 5 seconds- speeding up my heart beat by the minute.

After breaking eye contact he turned to the teacher and mumbled something which I didn't quite catch.

"Class it looks like we have a new student" Mr. Whitmore said clapping his hands together once.

"Please introduce yourself"

"Aiden Smith" He mumbled but loud enough so the class could hear.

Even his name sounded hot, how is that even possible.

"Erm...Okaayyy, just try to be on time next class Aiden." Mr . Whitmore said turning back to the board.

Aiden walked through the rows and dropped in the seat next to me staring ahead as Mr. Whitmore continued with the lesson.

As if sensing my gaze, he glanced at me, raising an eyebrow "Take a picture, it lasts longer" he grumbled.

I quickly turned back to the board and finished copying the notes.


Lunch time quickly rolled around and as we sat at out usual tables, Jasmine and Sophie talked of the latest news which was obviously Aiden.

"I heard that Maggie(schools head cheerleader and also girl who sleeps around with almost anyone with a penis) went up to him during class and he totally ignored her" Jasmine snickered taking a huge bite out of her Nutella sandwich.

Sophie cackled " I bet she gave everyone she slept with STDs" she said taking a bite of her carrot stick.

I groaned "Guys would you stop, you don't even know if she has STDs ... do you?" I whispered the last part.

As they continued talking I glanced around searching for a certain person known as my boyfriend while nibbling on a cheesy French fry.

"Guys have you seen Josh since lunch?" I asked them



"Weird" I mumbled to myself.

He would usually text me and tell me if he couldn't make it to lunch.
I checked my phone to see if he sent any messages; which he didn't.

"OMG his face is to die for" Sophie gushed looking over the far corner of the cafeteria.

"Not to mention that body" Jasmine said licking her lips.

I followed their gaze and saw that they were staring at Aiden .

He sat down at the far corner of the cafeteria at a table by himself biting into an apple and typing something on his phone oblivious to all the hungry glances which were sent his way by most of the girls in the cafeteria.

"He looks so lonely though" I said.

"Your right, go talk to him" jasmine smirked.

"You know what? That's exactly what I am going to do" I said.

I got up and stalked over to where he sat.

"Hey, I'm alex" I smiled

He slowly turned to look at me long and hard until I started to feel real uncomfortable.. I shifted from one foot to the other then looked around to see If anyone saw my awkward state.

He turned back to his phone furiously typing something.

I thought maybe he didn't hear because come on no one can be that stuck up right? So me being me decided to try again

"Hi; I'm-"

" I don't care" he interrupted, gathered his things and walked out of the cafeteria.

My cheeks burned in embarrassment hearing a few snickers from students who heard our encounter.

I slowly walked back to my table to my bestfriends who both had sympathetic looks on their faces.

"Rude much" I mumbled and went back to eating my lunch.

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