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Kun Guys don't forget we have a whole day off tomorrow

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Guys don't forget we have a whole day off tomorrow.
Thanks! 😊
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Come again 🤨
funny how I thought-
we were always off...??
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Read at 3:16pm

Yang Yang added Sui He to the group chat

As if on que, Sicheng quickly removed his shades from his face in a flash as he glanced at his phone on his hands seeing that one of his best friend had added Sui He to their group chat.

"Wait, w-why would y-you add Sui He to our group chat!" Sicheng stuttered out as Yang Yang simply smirked looking up at Sicheng's panic mode.

"Listen here buddy, we gave you a chance to ask Sui He out but you blew it." Yang Yang shrugged as he waved at his girlfriend Asami who sat with Sui He inside the lounge by the window. "Yeah you fucked up, you fucked up everywhere." Ten added as he dried his hair with the hotel towel as he came out of the pool and sat beside Sicheng.

"So now we're taking matters into our own hands." Yang Yang ended saying as he patted Sicheng's shoulder as Sicheng watched Ten begin to type into his phone.

Why 😍
hello my dearest Kang Sui He welcome to our group chat 🙃
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Sui He
Oh I'm sorry-
I forgot I only exist when you need something 🤨
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if you put it that way
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Sui He
See 🧐
my point has been proven 💁🏻‍♀️
goodbye now 👋🏼
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Yang Yang
Mama 🥺💚
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Sui He
I ain't your mama 👊🏼🥊
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You're from the city that never sleeps 🌃
What is there to do around here anyways? 🗺 🤓
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Bruh that's-
no 🤦🏻‍♂️
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NYC is the city that never sleeps 🍎🙄
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