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     I don't have much time to write this story so don't complain.Still working on it,so just stay frosty and I'll add more soon.Oh,and thanks for reading. :b


"It's better this way."Those were the last words he said before he left,presumely forever...

This all started the day they were attacked,the enemies appeared out of nowhere,one thing's for sure,they were targeting him,and he knew why.He took something from them,something they needed.They managed to outrun the attackers but not before they managed to hurt one of them.Not wanting to see anyone getting hurt anymore,he decided it was best to leave...

Two months ago,he was sure,when 'The Agency' sent him out on a field mission.The objective was to retreive an item of great importance,a key,it's uses were not mentioned to him.All he was told was to get in,get the key,then get out.But the mission went south,his satalite coummunication device was stolen from him during the mission.He managed to escape,but only barely.'The Agency' has never contacted him since.

"What do you mean by 'it's better this way'?" Sabrina asked him.

"I have to go now.It's not safe if I stay,"Alex replied

"Is this about that injury that day? I told you not to worry about it..."she began.

"It's not just about you! Everyone I know,everyone I love is in danger every second I'm with them!"Alex interupted,"that's why...That's why I have to leave! It's better this way..."His last words before he disappeared into the shadows of the night,leaving his friends,family and everything else behind..."

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