Chapter Fourteen: I Need You-

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A/N: oops did I just up my story to Rated R? HELL YEAH I DID. Eh, I don't know man happy reading and whatnot. Gif of Finn (SebStan) on the side ;) 

    “He just took his stuff and left?” I asked in shock. I kept thinking that Tony was going to turn around and shout you fell for it! As if they were playing some kind of stupid prank.

    But instead he just nodded, eyes red around the edges. He looked so torn apart. I didn't want to believe Tyler would just leave him, leave us.

    “Well, did he say anything?”

    “Just not to bother finding him,”

    I rocked backwards on my feet, stumbled a few steps to steady myself. He expected me not to try and find him, after he left with nearly no reason to? We'd known each other for too long and been through far too much for him to just up and leave us.

    Who the fuck did he think he was?

    “I don't give a damn what he said, I'm going to look for him,”

    Tony just dropped his head into his arms that were resting atop of his knees, hugged closed to his chest. “Good luck finding him,”

    I didn't need luck, I knew I'd find him. I had to, since this was probably my damn fault. I shouldn't have tried to tell him the truth, it was obvious Tony was wrong. Tyler wasn't waiting to see if I had the balls to admit it to him, he was just being an idiot. The same as he always was.

    “Are you coming with me?”

    Tony didn't raise his head from his arms, rolling it from side to side, no.

    I sighed, leaving the flat with determined strides. I ran my feet into the ground with so much anger, I was surprised I had any shoes left. I started with all the usual spots, looking behind the backs of pubs that the homeless usually used as a rest stop during the night.

    I looked for almost three hours, ending up on the other side of town. I refused to give up. I was going to find him, he didn't just get to ditch that easily. He didn't get to leave me like this, without saying a god damn word.

    But he had.

    A week passed by, but I still didn't let up. I still kept searching. I spent every day looking for him and every night, while working, keeping an eye out. Hoping to see those damn, cold eyes from across the street.

    I'd avoided everyone. I barely talked to Tony, who took it really hard. He went quiet, lost his excitement. He spent most of his time out of the flat, turning tricks, I suppose. I didn't meet up with Finn, though I saw him occasionally. He never stopped trying.

    And then, unexpectedly, as I was walking back across town one night, I found him.

    He wasn't actually that far away from our apartment, down an alley that I never thought to check when I'd first set out searching. It was the same alley I'd first met him in. I only thought to check as I was walking by that part of town, a small nagging urge to look.

    I didn't expect to see him there, it seemed too obvious. But he was sitting there as if he had wanted to be found, despite what he'd told Tony last week. I wondered if he'd been here all along. Waiting.

    He was near the entrance, further down I noticed there were a few other homeless people, mostly old. They were huddled within a few metres of each other, laying on coats. Tyler had laid his sleeping bag out, almost as if he had made a home for himself there.

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