38 (b) You still don't trust him

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When a person fails to draw a conclusion out of the events occurring in his or her life, he or she seeks to find them through others' opinions about the same events. Anika was no exception.

Khanna could see how Anika was shifting in her seat uncomfortably but still staring at him like a lost kitten. The girl was so in love, yet she was shielding her feelings with the rough exterior of hatred. Someone will have to break that exterior.

His boss was number one in the list of Eligible bachelors of India, number one in the list of top businessmen of India, number one even in anger issues but he was zero in expressing his feelings. So someone will have to do it for him. Someone will have to tell his Anika mam what his sir holds for her in his heart.

No, he wasn't going to tell her that Shivaay Singh Oberoi is in love with her, that's entirely his call to take. He will have to express and she will have to understand and reciprocate. His task was to let her know that there's nothing to be scared of. He needs to tell her that his Shivaay sir has changed, for good, and that he cares for her. Basically, it was a now or never situation.

"It was your safety that was his priority, that's why he was holding himself for so long." Khanna spoke having enough of his own thoughts.

"You hate Shivaay Singh Oberoi, right ?" Hearing his question Anika opened her mouth but closed it again but that clearly meant no, she doesn't.

"The world fears him, Mam. But the truth is, no one actually knows him. No one knows that he used to be a child who had no carefree childhood. You didn't have your parents with you so you knew that you have only yourself to help you. But having parents but yet not having their support their time is more painful. Seeing their fights is more painful, seeing your siblings cry and your mother being beaten by your father is more painful, seeing your father bringing mistresses in the house is more painful, seeing people looking at you with doubtful eyes that may be you are also like your father is more painful." Khanna voiced out his thoughts and spoke the last few lines deliberately and when he looked at Anika, he could see that he received the desired reaction from her.

She was staring at her hands in her lap and he could bet that her eyes were glossy due to unshed tears. He was feeling bad for putting his little sister in this painful situation but it was needed. He was even scared of his boss' reaction if and when he would get to know that he put her in this situation and made her feel guilty, and made her cry.

But she shouldn't have compared Shivaay to that disgusting man. His Shivaay sir was an open, limitless sky and that man was just useless piece of shit. Infact he himself would prefer shit if he had to choose between the two.

Anika couldn't believe she was being that cruel to the man who was so important to her. He had a place in her heart, for sure but she wasn't ready to give it a name, yet.

"No one ever admitted but everyone always knew the dirty reality of Tej Singh Oberoi. Oberoi brothers, especially Shivaay sir was always looked down upon by people in such matters. People respect him on his face and talk rubbish behind his back, calling him names. But he never gave a damn. Not that it might not have hurt him, but because he couldn't afford to let these trivialities take a toll on him." Khanna stopped for a few minutes as he felt his throat blocked due to a lump when he recalled a few painful memories of the past.

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