Chapter 5 : No Words Needed

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To be frank, now that you think about it all over again, it wouldn't make sense in any way for someone to just accept an invitation from someone else they literally just met for like a week or so.

It was all pretty sudden to begin with; from offering to become partners during the Final Selection, and then inviting you to come and have dinner with him before you two could finally go your separate ways. For all you knew, the male named Tanjirou beside you here could be plotting new schemes as of now, and baiting you into following him was perhaps one of the successful steps into carrying out his plan.

However, not that you didn't have your own plan yourself. In the worst case scenario, you wouldn't think that you'd be testing out your self-defense skills sooner.

Well, all of those were from the assumption that he's a bad person.

There was little to no proof that he actually is, and the way he handled several different things back at the mountain silenced your thoughts about him being a bad guy.

True, he has an undeniably attractive look for a lot of people when he gave away one of his signature smiles, but you're not someone who would make the final judge from merely looking at someone's facial features.

Though, to be fair, him as a person somewhat brought a new kind of experience to the people you've met on your journey thus far.

Pitiful towards demons yet still being able to decapitate them without hesitation—It's still one of the biggest mysteries you always ask to yourself after seeing him in action. He may seem to look that way at first, but he's not a weak-minded person as what others might think he is, that's for sure.

And on the other hand, there's you.

You knew what he did after he defeated that morphed demon, you just didn't quite understand those actions. Perhaps what you seek in your journey is on a whole other level of difference compared to what Tanjirou is after—maybe that's why you couldn't understand him as a person entirely even after becoming partners with him.

As for what it is, you have no clue. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask, but will Tanjirou himself be willing to answer a stranger's question that was thrown at him out of the blue? Probably not, and you know yourself that you wouldn't either. At least not until you trust the other person better.

You and Tanjirou are technically still strangers.

So with that in mind, you kept the question all to yourself, and the both of you kept walking side by side in silence. By the time you reach the top of a certain hill, the sky had already gone dark, and Tanjirou is desperately trying to get more air into his lungs whilst holding on to his walking stick for dear life.

'Maybe I should've offered to carry him earlier..'

That said, will you able to support him behind your back in the first place? You're barely holding on with your own legs yourself, which is kind of ridiculous because you knew Tanjirou noticed it too. So even if you did offer to carry him, he'll pretty much refuse it without a second thought.

And how would you know?

From a minor wild guess, that is.

Many thoughts came across your head, just from seeing the facial features of the person beside you. Though, you've gotta say, Tanjirou is a very remarkable partner anyone could've asked for. You'll be sure to remember him once this whole thing can come to an end.

But the thoughts about him quickly shifted onto something else, immediately after you two noticed the sound of some sort of wood plank being kicked down rather harshly coming from the distance.

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