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•{ Tori's POV }•

"Ladies first." Alex says with a cocky smile

"As you wish.." I say with a shrug

I stand there to make him think I'm overthinking it even though I already have a plan. I'm going to knock him out for lying to me and never telling me about any of this deadly assassin mafia $hit.

Which is what I was born for..
Even what I was trained for..
And yet no one told me...

I stay calm and fake a swing towards his face and he blocks. I go back and forth faking my swings then after a few minutes I pretend to get tired. Which he should buy considering he hasn't seen me train in a while.

Alex takes the bait and tries to take a few swings of his own. I dodge each of them in different ways but everytime I dodge a hit..
I land a hit on him.

Because he's fast but doesn't have the muscle leaving him open to attacks as he swings at me.
It's the way he personally fights.

"Will you stop playing with me?" Alex asks getting annoyed like I planned

"I'm toying with you for your own safety.."
I reply seriously before knocking him down with one round house kick.

He lands on the floor with a grunt I squat down beside him and whisper "Never hide something this serious or lie to me again because next time I'll shoot you. I'm also not some circus monkey that does tricks for their amusement and I don't think they need to see what I'm fully capable of yet. So tap out."

Alex looks in my eyes and nods in understanding then he taps the ground three times. I give him a slight nod of approval.

I stand up and give Alex my hand and help him up and he smiles.

"What?" I ask questionably

"I can't wait to watch you toy with them."
Alex whispers making sure everyone else can't hear and he turns his back so they can't read his lips. Alex and I then face everyone.

"That's all the two of you got? I mean it was good but I was expecting more." Lorenzo says

Alex and I cross our arms at the same time and give him the 'um excuse me' look.

"It pains me to say but he's right." Marco says

Diego doesn't use any words but he walks in the ring and whispers "Don't hold back." I see Diego's smirk as he gestures for Lorenzo to get in the ring.

"She's going to hurt him." Alex says as him and Diego step out of the ring just as Lorenzo steps in. I thought I would just be fighting Lorenzo but Diego gestures for Marco to follow too.

I look at Marco and Lorenzo standing in the ring in front of me and then look back at Diego and he just gives me a slight nod as if to give me permission.

"Is this needed? We already know she's
bad a$$!" Lorenzo says

Diego just gives a blank look.

"Come on Luc, help us out.." Lorenzo almost begs and dramatically at that

Luca just raises an eyebrow at the nickname then smirks and says "I think this is a good idea.."

"Is there any rules?" I ask

"Don't kill them." Alex offers and
I just roll my eyes

"No weapons. Strictly hand to hand combat."
My father says

"Start whenever.." Luca says


I don't wait for Lorenzo or Marco to make a move I make a move to kick Lorenzo into Marco and it works. Just as I thought Lorenzo isn't very balanced. As Lorenzo stumbles into Marco it throws Marco off just enough I can get behind him and kick his leg making him land on his knees. I kick my leg over Marcos head landing on Lorenzo knocking him to the ground flat.

I quickly move as Marco try's to swing then I elbow his shoulder as I flip over him kicking him in the chest as I go. Making him fall backwards and lose a little air.

I waited in the corner of the ring until Marco and Lorenzo both stood up when they did I waited for them to come over to me. I see them side eye glance at each other which most people wouldn't have caught but I did.

Which means they are planning on working together now...but they'll still most likely fail.

I wait till they come at me and then I duck and slide threw Marcos leg as I end up standing behind Lorenzo and that's when I jump wrapping my legs around his waist from the back then I grab his head and make a clicking sound with my tongue and say "You're dead." in his ear implying that I could've just broke his neck before he even realized where I was.

But to make sure they started taking me seriously I quickly hopped off before him or Marco could catch me and I yanked Lorenzo backwards making him stumble then I swipe his legs out from underneath him and as his falls I use my hand to make sure his head hits the ground just enough to knock him out without doing real damage.

Marco looks shocked and a little scarred but he masks it reminding me of Luca and Diego.
He comes at him and I dodged a few hits but he did manage to land a punch in my waist but I didn't even get fazed.

Right after Marco punched my waist I punched him in his face catching him off guard then I kick him in the side knocking him down and as he hits the ground he gives three taps.

I get out of the ring and grab a bottle of water on the side then I walk over to everyone else.

I look at everyone and their faces are all different. Riccardo looks shocked and a little freaked. Francesco and my father have slight smiles on their faces, as if they are proud.

Alex has a beaming smile like he is about to bust out laughing saying 'I told you so' to everyone but he keeps it in.

Diego just gives me a nod with a ghost of a smile on his face. Luca looks at me and just smirks.

I look at all of them and say "I don't think I did any damage but I'm hungry so I'm going to get a shower and some food. Someone should really check on them and make sure they are okay and maybe give them a pep talk so their egos are to bruised."

"Their poor egos won't be bruised, they will be scarred." Alex says with a smile

And I just roll my eyes with a slight smile then I walk out and head towards my room to take a much need shower..

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