Dec 2019 - Journey to the North Pole

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Journey to the North Pole – Dec 2019

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Journey to the North Pole – Dec 2019

The @action profile in collaboration with SecretTreasures invites you to venture to the North Pole.

Adventure awaits, but the expedition is not without peril. Something strange is happening in the North Pole and our brave expedition team will face many dangers and wonders on their way to solve the mystery.

Write us an action-packed story about a Journey to the North Pole.


General Guidelines:

>> Start: 10 Dec 2019.

>> Deadline: 31 Dec 2019 at midnight EST

>> Word count: 3000 max.

>> Must be a one-shot (all in a single chapter). You can publish it on its own or in an existing collection, we don't mind.

>> Only one entry per person. No co-written or existing entries.

>> Fanfiction is welcome, given it fits the prompt.


Submissions can be made via the form. Please feel free to share your stories in the comment section as well, this way everyone can read and share in the adventure.


Rewards for our favorite stories:

>> An awesome new sticker!

>> A spot in both the @action and @SecretTreasures anthologies.

>> A big shout out from both hosting profiles.

>> We are aiming to announce our winners by 10 Jan 2020.


Please note, the following contest and its rules are the creation of a team of Ambassadors and is in no way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff. Judging of said contest and/or selection of challenge entry is entirely run by its creators and is not the responsibility of Wattpad or its staff

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