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0.13 ; burn you to the ground 

We wait for around an hour or so, eating some more flower-shaped cheese and pretty bread from avox-brought trays. Cecilia asks me about my angle and personality, and I inform her of Crystalline and I's decision to present me as sweet, yet sarcastic (though I don't mention the walking, sitting and smiling problems) and she laughs. "I think you'll be fine, dear!" she giggles, taking a swig of her wine "They're going to love you!"

I only have time to think I do hope so, and then the peacekeepers are barging into the room. "Clove Carrow, you must come with us for your interview." says one of them. I look to Cecilia for reassurance: I'm suddenly so scared that I can hardly breathe. My heart is beating a mile a minute, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to go insane. 

"Calm down Clove, you'll be fine! Everything will be fine. I'll be on the front row of the stylist's box, so look for me in the crowd if you need any help. Good luck!" and with that, Cecilia hobbles off through another door, leaving me in the company of two huge peacekeepers.

They guide me out of the room, and into a long corridor, at the end of which are a cluster of camera crew and reporters. I'm directed past them, and into another hallway, where some of the other tributes are already seated, going over their angles with their mentors or repeating their question answers to themselves quietly, or just sitting there looking sheet white, as if their life depended on these three minutes.

Oh. I forgot. Our lives do depend on these three minutes. That is exactly the same for each and every one of us waiting here. Including me.

"Clove!" I spin around to face a frantic Crystalline, looking stunning in a dress covered entirely in bright green sequins "WOW! Clove you look awesome! They're gonna love you!"

"Thanks Crystalline" I reply, looking at the floor, since I'm pretty sure the red is creeping up my cheeks again, like it usually does when I receive an actual compliment "but I don't think anyone agrees with that, so I'm just gonna go with the explanation that you've gone crazy." We both laugh, her more than me, and I get a sudden feeling that maybe she isn't completely sober. 

"Oh no, don't say that Clove!" she slurs "You look excellent! There's gonna be people lining up round the block to sponsor you after tonight!" She stumbles forward in her heels and almost takes a dive to the floor, but at the perfect moment, Brutus flies in and manages to catch her. She mumbles a few words of thanks, then quickly struts off, presumably back to the mentors box in the stands. "I think she's had a few," says Brutus, chuckling to himself "but she'll be alright soon enough."

"Yeah I'm sure she.." I begin, but I have to stop. Because he's there, standing behind Brutus.

Now this IS something to say wow about.

Cato looks amazing. No other way to put it. God, he's going to get so many more sponsors from this. Cordelia must be some epic stylist, because she's somehow made an outfit that fits perfectly with his whole persona. Black shirt and trousers, with a sparkling grey-blue jacket, and smart black shoes.

"Hey," I say, trying not to sound like a complete awe-struck idiot "you look cool."

Oh my god Clove, what were you thinking? 

"You too." he says, quietly, barely audible amongst the buzz of camera crew, mentors and tributes "You look amazing Clove. They're all going to love you." He looks at the floor as he says it, and I can't help but join him. All these compliments are making me turn into a mental person, I swear. And it's even worse when you get a compliment from the guy you may or may not have a total crush on.