6_The Apology

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I looked on as Paege attempted to calm an uncooperative Angel. Her many attempts were done in vain thus far.

Thinking back on it now, I had been arrogant two days ago, as Paege had rightfully stated. There was no doubt what a fool I'd been. I had behaved unkind towards her.

As a result, she avoided me at every opportunity.

Whenever we crossed paths, Paege would make some excuse to vacate the premises and did so without another word.

It was due to no fault of hers, that I had put her out of the truck, a few days ago. She had indeed struck a nerve. She'd called me arrogant and it had became my undoing.

Her words had only been uttered by one other person in the entire town. That person just so happened to be my ex-fiancé.

Yes. I had been engaged once before. To a woman, whose name, I had sworn never speak again. Ellie. A detail I'd never disclose to Ms. Masters, though it was the reason I got riled and retaliated.

I, however, couldn't fault her for thinking poorly of me if she did.

After all, like I'd behaved like a complete and utter ass. I put her out of my truck and drove off, fully intent on leaving her there. Out in the cold, on an eeriely quiet road.

By now, she must have thought I had a poor upbringing. That I had no apparent morals or values. However, despite my actions, that couldn't be further from the truth.

There was just something about that woman that got me all riled up.

She looked angelic in her mom jeans and oversized black T-shirt. Cute even, as she stood near the white-ringed fence of Angel's enclosure.

It appeared as though she was talking to him. Perhaps, reasoning with him.

The more I looked on, the more guilt welled up inside me.

"How ever you do it, you have to apologize. No if, buts or maybes!" Bell had finally yelled when I had finished explaining.

I should apologize, but how would I accomplish that great feat, if she managed to disappear every time our paths crossed.

Thinking of a solution to this predicament, proved futile.

After a good few minutes of observing her, an idea finally struck and I would probably be brooded for it, even more.

I pushed off my left shoulder from the door frame, descending the porch, hotfooting my way over to her. Hopefully, I could caught her before she made her exit.

Upon reaching Ms. Masters, I took her by the hand guiding her to the stables, despite her feisty protests. Several times, she made attempts to remove my hand, but I wouldn't budge.

We entered the stables and I surveyed the area quickly before releasing her arm. I closed the double doors before regarding her again.

Ms. Masters became doe-eyed as I closed the distance between us, pinning her against the wooden wall. She muttered all sorts of complaints and wouldn't shut up.

I lost all reason as I gazed hungrily at her plump lips. And I kissed her.

One peck, I allowed myself one peck. However, she began to writh against me and I lost it. I yearned for her, becoming weaker at our proximity.

I couldn't resist. I had to kiss those lips again. Darn it, she was sweet and just like that, I caved.

I kissed her with urgency, desperate to feel her lips against mine.

She slowly relaxed into the kiss.

Paege tasted heavenly, like cotton candy, or maple syrup. Or was it strawberries? Yes, definitely strawberries. I realized that she had applied Berry Bam to her lips.

As she got more into it, she kissed me back feverishly, running her soft fingers through my curly hair. She traced a path over my scalp and I felt goosebumps appear on my skin, as a few tingles reverberated through my body.

My hands found the curves of her generous hips, in the loose fabric. At once, her hands left my hair, seeking out mine. She tried in vain to remove my hands from her hips.

Instead, my hands traced the length of her arms, pinning them above us. At which point, there was virtually no space between our bodies.

"Get away from me." Paege said between kisses.

"No ... I'm ... sorry ... about ... a ... few ... days ... ago." I pressed a string of kisses along her jaw and neckline before recapturing her full lips against mine.

"I ... don't want to hear it." She managed to get out.

"But I need ... to ... say it." I reluctantly removed my lips from hers.

Her eyes remained shot for a while as she tried to get her breathing under control. When she opened them however, her expression was dazed and sensual. It sent my imagination wild.

I heard myself gulp voluntarily, as I gazed into her glassy olive eyes. "I need you to hear this."

Her expression turned pained and she closed her eyes again at my words, making my heart ache in the process.

"Paege, look at me. Look at me." When she finally opened her eyes again, I instantly stepped away. Her eyes had welled up with tears. "Heavens, Paege don't cry."

My voice softened at her sad aspect. "I came to apologize and that's what I'm going to do."

After she nodded subtly, I stepped a bit closer to her, careful not to touch her, or else I would do less apologizing and more ravishing. "Paege, listen to me. What I subjected you to was cruel and unkind. I'm sorry. I don't expect your forgiveness but if not forgive me then tolerate me. I can assure you it will not happen again."

"I forgive you." She said, surprising me.

I noticed the element of hope in her eyes and I couldn't help but to capture her lips once more. I pulled her towards me, our bodies fitting into each other nicely like lock and key.

This time, I took my sweet time memorizing every curve of her soft smooth full lips, sucking and nipping at the treat.

It was heavenly, getting to know her like this and I thanked God I did.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps and so did Paege as she abruptly became stiff in response.

Reluctantly, I pulled away our kiss, my body still pressed up against hers, which against the wall. Her eyes shot wide as her breathe came out in shallow intervals. As she heaved, her breasts, pressed further into my chest.

Heaven help me!

I stepped away as my own breathe became shallow.

"You go first," I offered, noting that my voice was coarse with emotion.

"What?" She breathed out, perplexed as I sauntered over to the double doors.

"We have to be discrete about this." The words came out my mouth before I knew what I was saying.

A new element appeared in her captivating eyes. Anger.

She pushed off of the wall, matching straight up to me, with her finger pointed at me as if she was about to tell me something. However she decided against it.

Instead, Paege stormed out of the stables.

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