Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

The loud bang of the door slamming irritated Xavier. He looked up expecting Basil to be rudely interrupting him. But his heart froze over by the sight of who it actually was.

Rye was standing at the door, tears running down her face like a waterfall. Her mesmerizing gray eyes puffy and red, her skin pale...almost transparent.

"Rye?" her name slipped out of his lips.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" she screamed.

Xavier's heartbeat spiked up.

No, he thought in horror, She can't know.

"What did you do, Xavier?" Rye screamed again when he didn't answer. "What did you do to me?!"

Xavier rose from his seat and walked around is deak. He hurried over to Rye, desperate to hold her in his hands.

"Get the fuck away from me!" Rye shrieked.

Xavier frozen. mid stride, "Rye," he said quietly, "Please calm down." he begged.

Rye's eyes snapped up to him when his words reached her ears. Rage and fury hooded those stormy gray eyes. She grabbed the tea cup from his desk and threw it at him.

Cold tea splatter all over the documents on the table and the cup bounced off of Xavier chest.

She wasn't satisfied. She grabbed the pile of files and flung them across the floor. Then she moved on to the bookshelves behind the desk and pulled out a hardcover book and threw it at Xavier's head.

He caught it mid air, "Rye," Xavier tried again, "Listen to me!"

"Tell me what you did to me!"

"Come here and I will," Xavier begged.

Glaring at him, Rye stomped over and placed both of her hands against his chest and shoved him. When he didn't budge, Rye got angrier.

She was about to shove him again, but Xavier grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to him.

"Stop," he begged, "Please."

Rye began to wail as she struggled to get out of his grip.

Defeated she sank to the ground and Xavier followed her.

To Xavier, it felt as if everything was crumbling around him. He didn't know how to make her stop.

"Please," Rye begged in between sobs, "Just tell me what you did to me. Why don't I have my scent?"

Xavier's jaw tensed. He looked away from Rye's pleading eyes.

"I went to the orphanage, no one remembers me." Rye broke into heavy sobs, "Why don't they remember me?"

Xavier stayed silent. He stared at the ground and wished it would swallow him up, "We erased everyone's memories of you," he said quietly.

His words were like bricks falling on Rye from the sky.

"And my scent?" she asked, broken.

Xavier looked back up at her. His eyes were glossy, his jaw tense. He slightly shook his head as if silently begging Rye not to make him answer her questions.

"What happened to my scent?" Rye asked again.

"I-" Xavier began. His voice shook, his heart had sank to the lowest pit of his stomach, "I had it transferred."

Rye couldn't breath, her chest tightened, "To whom?" she dared to ask.

"To Rose."

Rye couldn't explain what happened next, but she found her hand swinging across the space between them and her fist slammed into Xavier's jawline.

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