Why Do Foils Fall In Love?

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Jasmine's POV

"Jessie, you're brushing too hard!" Zuri complains as Jessie brushes Zuri's hair and she grunts. "Ow! Careful! I want to look like Beyoncé, not Bertram!"

Jessie was nervous because of her date with Tony tonight. I looked at Bertram, who was softly petting his bald head.

"Sorry, Sweetie, I'm rushing because tonight is my one-year anniversary with Tony." Jessie apologizes, pausing the brushing. "And I have to finish my gift before our date."

"You're giving him clumps of my hair?" Zuri asks, seeing the clump of her hair on the brush. "You guys are one weird couple."

"No. I'm writing him a song." Jessie corrects and I smile.

"Aw, that's sweet. I would love if someone wrote me a song as a present." I mention and saw Luke stare at me for a second.

"That's really romantic, Jessie." Emma states. "Cheap, but romantic."

"Well, everyone knows the best gifts come from the heart, not a store." Jessie mentions with a heartwarming smile. "Also, I'm broke, so..."

"Ugh! Who taught you to cook, Bertram, Wolfgang Yuck?" Luke laughs and I giggle lightly, before nudging his rib.

"Where did you study bathing, the Hudson River?" Bertram fires back, mockingly.

"Na, na, na!" They taunted to each other and Jessie snapped her fingers making them stop.


"I hope this gruel gives me extra strength for P.E. today." Ravi sighs. "Just once, I would like not to be mocked for my lack of athletic prowess."

I glare at Luke because he's the one who's mocking Ravi.

"Oh, well, you should tell whoever is doing that to knock it off." Jessie tells Ravi.

"Luke, you heard the woman, knock it off!" Ravi exclaims and Jessie gives Luke a look. Luke puts his hands up in defensive and I whack his shoulder.

"Ow!" He cries.

"Let's see what you got here, Jessie." Zuri says and I lean over to look at the lyrics." Hmm..."

"Tony, Tony, Tony, I love you more than baloney, loney, loney". I read, looking at my sister with confusion. "Really?"

"Okay, first, it's a metaphor." Jessie defends. "And second, baloney is easily the world's greatest processed meat product."

"Is this a metaphor, too?" Emma asks and reads the next line. "Tony, you're spicier than pepperoni"?"

I snicker and Jessie whacks my arm. "I was hungry, okay?"

She steals the notepad and crosses out her lyrics.


Later, Jessie was taking the Ross kids and I to school. We left the elevator talking, until Emma screams.


We all jump in fear and I instinctively grab Luke by accident. He holds my waist and we look at Emma.

"I've got it!" She beams.

"Yeah, I've got it, too." Jessie agreed, trying to clear out her ears. "And by "it," I mean massive hearing loss."

I let go of Luke, but he decides to keep his hands around my waist.

"You can let go now." I tell him.

"Please let this moment last." He sighs and I flick his forehead with a tiny blush, making him let me go.


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